Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Conferece

Hopefully nobody (*cough*...Mom...*cough* *cough*) panicked that I didn't email yesterday. Today is my P-Day because of Transfers! :)

Moves calls was last night! Elder Marzahn and I are both staying in the Maldon area. We have a lot of work to do here and I'm excited that we're staying together. 

On Monday 28-December I started doing "The Daily Face" because Elder Williams does it and I like it. Basically, I take one picture each day and see how my face changes through my mission. It's funny to scroll through the pictures that I have already. Sadly I already missed 1 day. But all is well :) 

I love the plaque that you sent me mom! It quotes part of Alma 57:21. I really do want to "obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness" as a missionary. Obedience brings blessings and exact obedience brings miracles!  

On Wednesday we had a dinner appointment with the Faggs. We knocked on their door, and a shocked Brother Fagg opened the door and let us in. We went in, took our shoes off, and went into their living room. Soon after we walked in, Sister Fagg walked in and realised she forgot about the dinner appointment. So Elder Marzahn and I hopped into Brother Fagg's car with him and he drove us to a place where he bought dinner. I had chicken and chips. Fun fun.  

On Thursday we had a District Meeting. I based my training oaround 2 scriptures; Alma 5:26 and Alma 26:22. The message of it was that as we become more converted to the Lord, we will be successful as missionaries, and this conversion will bless us for the rest of our lives.  

Happy New Year everyone! I set some New Years resolutions that I'm really excited about. There's nothing more satisfying than making positive change within yourself. 

On Saturday we played football at Chelmer Park. Afterward we finished playing, us and the Chelmsford Elders went into our car for a mission-wide conference call in which President Stevens spoke. He told us that in 2015 there were 344 baptisms. The goal for 2016 is 400! I will do my best to contribute to this goal.  

We had a lesson with Mark and his wife Julia on Saturday! It was good. Julia said she was going to talk to her manager about getting Sundays off of work. I'm so excited for both of them. They're busy this week, but hopefully we'll be able to meet with them soon when their schedules free up. :D

Church began at 9am for us on Sunday! It switched from last year, when we met at 1pm. Elder Marzahn and I blessed the sacrament. I also bore my testimony!

We got a text from a woman named Averall (nonmember) at about 8:45am on Sunday. She wanted to know what time the service was so she and her member friend Julia could come. We told her there's a service at 1. So, Elder Marzahn and I stayed for the other wards sacrament meeting.  

Yesterday we went to get Diesel for the car. We'd forgotten the PIN for our fuel card, so we went to the flat to get a piece of paper that had the PIN on it. We returned to the petrol station and put Diesel in the car. After the pump automatically stopped pumping, I topped it off in order to have £X.00 to pay. I placed the pump back on its rest, and looked at the price again, and it somehow bumped up to £X.01. The final price ended up being the exact PIN number of the fuel card. Hopefully you could follow all that. President Stevens has a "miracle line", where after 9:30, missionaries can call him to share a miracle. Elder Marzahn called President last night to share this miracle. funny funny.  

We asked Danny More to teach with us at a 7pm apointment yesterday. He invited us over for dinner before (we had chicken wraps), we taught with him, and then returned to Danny's for dessert (we each had a donut). 

Have a wonderful week everyone! 


Elder Withers

Mission pillow case, gift from President and Sister Stevens


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