Saturday, January 14, 2017


I'm happy to report that I was excellent in my journal writing this past week! However, I left my journal in the flat so I'll be going off of memory as I reflect on the week.

Elder Burgess gave a training at District Meeting, and at the end of it he showed a picture of our recent convert at her baptism. It was such a sweet picture, and it made me think about one day showing that same picture to other people. I love both of them so much and I'm grateful to have played a small part in their conversion. Seeing that picture brought such a nice Spirit into the meeting.

Hmmm.... A new group of missionaries arrived! It was a small group this time (5). 3 of them came from the Provo MTC, so they were very tired when they got here. Sister Stevens gave them permission to stand up during her training so they wouldn't fall asleep XD Bless their hearts.

Elder Burgess and I got to wear aprons at the departing dinner on tuesday night! We looked pretty good in them... I'll have to send you a picture. 

Sorry this email is a bit non-descript. Hope you enjoyed it.
Love you all!

Elder Withers

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