Monday, June 22, 2015


Elder Withers - Selfie with a British cat!!


I'm not sure why, but I decided to do a Spanish subject line. "Time is flying" is what that means :) 

So today is my birthday! I'm finally 19. Funny story, Elder Cook said happy Birthday to me this morning, before I had even realized it was my Birthday! He knew it before me. Which was weird, because usually I remember my birthday. Anyways, it was nice of him to remember! 

On last Monday, Elder Cook and I made an awkward music video to a Tarzan soundtrack (Disney music is allowed, and Elder Cook loves it). On Tuesday, we had our District Meeting. Elder Green (one of my favorite missionaries) gave a really good training on Accountability, and he emphasized being accountable to the Lord every night, for everything in the day - my attire, my attitude, my obedience, my service, etc. A thought that I had/am having while thinking about this, is that as we use our agency (or ability to choose) to be accountable for the way I've spent my day, I will recognize ways for me to improve, as well as recognize some of the many tender mercies that Heavenly Father blesses me with. Sadly, Elder Green goes home after this transfer. But he's in the same ward as Elder Cook and I.  

Another prayer of mine was answered this week! I had prayed for better ways to find people to teach. I had been thinking about street contacting a little bit, and I learned some valuable lessons through some of the things Elder Green said to a man when we were on the bus, and a conversation we had. I later asked Elder Green, Elder Moreno, and Elder Mitchell (it was during a double exchange sort of deal - that's why I was with Elder Moreno and Elder Mitchell). Basically, my prayer was answered. Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives! 

On the exchange with Elder Moreno, I spoke a little Spanish with him (he's from Spain). And I got to go to the St. Albans ward BBQ! IT was so wonderful. 
(Sorry if my email seems random, I'm kinda just going off of some of my journal entries) 
I've felt the Spirit in the form of a desire to serve, love, and speak with others. I recognize that I have been blessed in many ways, and I must continue to use some of the gifts I have in humility, thanking God for all that I am. 
On the exchange with Elder Moreno he made me breakfast! Which was great. Also, the Amos family has decided I look like Brandon Flowers (the singer for the Killers). Elder Green and Elder Cook agreed.
Funny story: Elder Cook and I were going door to door, and we were greeted by a laughing woman. She was talking on the phone. And upon seeing my companion and I, and looking us over, her laughter quickly faded to discontent, maybe even a frown. She then closed the door on us. I'm not sure if she even said any words! It was kinda humorous how quickly her disposition changed. But at the same time, it's very sad. Because she doesn't realize what she just closed the door on! We are truly representatives of Jesus Christ, sharing His true and Restored Gospel with the people of England. And it would make her happier than she's ever been! Maybe one day she'll let the missionaries in :) I hope she does! 
Elder Withers and the bathroom in his flat
I really want to be changed by my mission. I thought about Laman and Lemuel. Their "mission" of sorts, was tough. Lehi, Nephi, and Sam went through much of the same things as Nephi. Yet Nephi was willingly obedient, loved and served the Lord. Nephi grew so much during his many journeys! Yet Laman and Lemuel drug their feet, murmured, and "kicked against the pricks" if you will. As a result, they were never truly happy, and they denied themselves of many opportunities to grow and be blessed. SO, I will try to be willingly obedient, develop my love for the Lord, and try to give my whole heart to him. Which is easier said than done, but "I can do all things through Christ [who] strengthened me." 

Funny story: The Freemans (a cute young family) had us over for dinner! They have this cute little baby (Penny). I was looking at her, and making faces. Then she cried. So, that was great. After dinner at the Freeman household, we were tossing around a frisbee. And I kinda tripped a little, threw it hard and low, andddd it hit little Blake (4 years old) square in the glasses. He cried... So I successfully made both of their children cry! 
Last story, and then I'll write personal emails. We were visiting a man named Julian, who has recently been baptized. He's a little lonely, and has some issues, but he's a kind man. As we spoke with him, I felt myself developing a Christ-like love for Him. I felt the Spirit as I bore testimony of Christ (after we watched the Mormon Message "Rescued by Christ"). I'm so grateful for Christ! Without Him, I'm nothing. 
Last random thing: A kind Sister from church makes the Missionaries a cake (almost) every Sunday! It's so good. I love cake. :)
Today this cake doubled as his birthday cake because
his birthday package is still in the mission home. :(
Other weird things: people here say "you alright" to ask like "how are you?"
People say "all sorted" so say like "all set". If you got that care you'd be sorted! for example:
"looking smart" = looking sharp
Hoover = Vaccuum
Kitchen towels = paper towels
They say lovely a lot
I'm getting used to crossing the street and looking for the cars on the left side of the road. 
jumper = sweater 

So have a lovely week all! 


Elder Withers

This letter and picture from President Jordan
came in the mail today.
Elder Cook
Elder Cook in front of their flat

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