Friday, March 18, 2016


Happy Lunes!

It is a beautiful English day over here in Colchester. The weather has been nicer recently and I really like it!

Colchester Town Hall, 162 clock tower topped with St. Helena


Zone conference was on Tuesday! It was super great. I love President and Sister Stevens MUCHO! They're so inspired, loving, and just flat out amazing. Being around them makes me want to be better. 

Sister Stevens shared "Parable of the Atonement" by Gordon B Hinckley. It was about a new teacher that set some rules with his class and a punishment of 10 hits with a stick was affixed to broken rules. There's a little boy that steals a lunch from a kid, and a bigger kid takes the punishment for him. The little boy says "I will love you forever" to the kid who took the hits for him. It was super powerful, and my little synopsis doesn't do it justice. If you could send me the full story that'd be great mum! :) <3

President Stevens talked about "The Passion of Christ", meaning the last week of Christ's life. The Messiah/Christ means the anointed one. Jesus Christ was anointed as a king (John 12:3) before his triumphal entry to Jerusalem. Jesus, fulfilling the law of Moses, offered himself (as the High Priest) as the last blood sacrifice. Super cool.
Something President Stevens said in his closing remarks sticks out to me; "A mission can be like two people sitting in a meeting; one can be bored out of his mind while the other is edified." That's so true! He also talked about how the Saviour was always thinking of others; The Saviour suffered for our sins in Gethsemane and then, in response to one of his disciples cutting someone's ear off, the Saviour healed the mans ear. On the cross, the Saviour was concerned about his mother, and asking his father to forgive those that crucified Him. 

Thank goodness for good leadership! It makes all the difference.

There was a point last week that I prayed for charity, and the next day I felt the answer to this prayer in a very real way for an Elder that I was on exchange with! Prayers are answered, 'tis true. I need to pray for charity more :)

Yesterday I taught Elders Quorum. It was Chapter 5 in the Howard W. Hunter manual about Joseph Smith and I was asked to tie it into missionary work and the Europe area plan. 

On Saturday I ran a 6:45 mile, and cycled 3.5 miles, and today I cycled 7 miles in 22:34. I love that we have a gym I can use and I'm determined to get in shape :) Although, Elder Wright asked members when we could come over for dinner, so we'll have a lot of dinner appointments... which is good and fun but it makes it harder for me to get in MAX shape. 

I love you all! Have a semana fantastico

Elder Withers
Elder Wright, Brother Bueno, Elder Withers

Flat cleaning day pics!

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