Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lovely salmon lunch
Hello familia!
Its been another great week. The weather in London today is absolutely beautiful.

English Culture

This isnt really english culture but we baked Salmon yesterday. It was good
A missionary from Brazil made Coxhinas and chocolate covered straweberries. They were the best chocolate covered strawberries Ive EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! The chocolate coering was made from condensed milk and chocolate and it had chocolate sprinkles. So it was really guey and soft and didnt break apart when you ate it. I guess its english culture because I was in England when I ate them...


We saw a black cat and I called it a dirt bag. And as soon as I did it looked right at me. I actually took a video of this event. I will send it to Brock. If you like a copy, consult him. D)
We got a nice text from someone I talked with on a bus. It said “Sorry i can don text me or call me anymore bye”. I took a picture of it because I found it humorous.


On Tuesday, the Victoria Line was closed due to a suicide, so we took an alternate route into Central London for a District Meeting. On the tube, a guy started talking to us. He told us he seen missionaries before in Greece. We found out, to our surprise, that he lives in Tottenham Hale as well! What are the odds... We will see him this week.
Spiritual Experiences

After dinner on Tuesday, I was feeling pretty tired. Regardless, we went out to find. I received a very specific prompting that if we stopped everyone, we find someone who would meet with us. Soon enough, we met a guy named Eugene that we set up an appointment for. I was energized by the Spirit. Sadly, the appointment hosed, but it was a cool experience.
I had a couple neat experiences with prayer this past week. For one of them, I was kneeling in our living room in our flat praying, and I just really felt the Spirit strongly as I prayed. On another occasion, I was praying to know what I need to do for the zone. The inspiration came to “Light the Fire within” (Something Sister Stevens shared in a recent training). Before my personal prayer, I had received the inspiration to remind a missionary of his own conversion, and help him desire to help others feel the same way as he.

The Work

I gave a training on lesson plans on Wednesday in District Meeting. We also had a really good lesson on the Sabbath day with Jorge and Marcela, with a focus on the sacrament. And they came for the first time yesterday! Yes!! They're practically a supermodel couple...
Alex received the Priesthood yesterday! His wife is working towards her baptism in August.

What I learned

I had a cool insight while talking with Elder Parkin. He shared his experience of feeling the Spirit from an ensign article he read on Friday morning of a dad helping his handicapped son pass the sacrament. My insight was that people feel the Spirit when there is something related to and interesting to them, that they connect with. We must connect with the things we read, hear, and see in order for our hearts and minds to be opened. Thats the reason why you feel the spirit especially strong when watching a video of someone in a similar situation to you, or when you read a passage of scripture that applies directly to you you have a powerful spiritual experience, or when someone says something in sacrament that speaks to you you start crying, etc. For this reason, we need to teach, testify, and invite with authenticity, and give people relevant and related lessons and commitments.
Have a great week familia!


Elder Withers


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