Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[SENT JULY 26, 2016]

Hiya everyone!  

Its been a great week. 

I have a lot of funny things from this week. Enjoy! 

There was a funny Jamaican woman we talked with. My nose was a bit runny, and when I went to wipe my nose with my sleeve she slapped my arm. Ha! She gave me paper towels, and gave us advice to take care of our mums.  

On a blitz with the Sisters in London North, there was a guy that we were talking to and we asked something like "Do you have any religious beliefs?". When we asked it, he was looking at Sister Fitts' name badge so he said "I see Jesus". The timing that he said it was perfect; it was as if he was answering my question about his religious beliefs. And I was like "Whoa you've seen Jesus?" After talking a bit more I think we found out he was Buddhist... 

On the blitz, there was another guy that we were talking with. He asked about the Book of Mormon I was holding, if it was the only one. I told him it was the only copy in the world. I of course told him I was kidding, and I later gave him "the only copy". 

I texted a Seventh Day Adventist and invited him to the ward barbeque on Saturday. He responded saying he'd be going to church. Classic :) I got him to commit to meeting with us by asking him to share some scriptures with us about the Sabbath day. 

In Alex and Rhama's house, I had to use the toilet. Their bathroom door isn't' the best, and sometimes it opens while you're in there. While I was standing and using the toilet this happened. To maintain privacy, while using the toilet, I balanced on my right foot, and used my left to close the door. Yes.

At the Barbeque on Saturday, there were games. One of them involved me wearing a skirt over my trousers and running back and forth. I sadly tore my trousers on one fateful change of directions. A couple of members noticed as well... Brother Roosendaal helped me out by giving us a lift home in his car. You could say that he 'saved my behind'. I got some nice tan/burn lines from the barbeque. 

I had my first DA in 5 weeks at the Ojukwus. They don't feed us very much here :) 

Things in the week
We had interviews with President and Sister Stevens in the Hyde Park chapel. 

We went to the Vargases on Friday for dinner. Our appointment was for 4pm, and the food was ready at 5:30... So we had to eat quick and go. The food was Columbian and it was AMAZING. So Sabroso. Rice, juicy pork seasoned amazingly, and super good salad, with a good bean soup.  

The missionaries in Lea Valley ward hosted a barbeque on Saturday! Alex and I were the cooks. It was fun!

Spiritual Promptings/Experiences

On the way to the church on Tuesday, we took the tube. There was a sleeping woman across from us. I was prompted to wake her up and talk with her. So I did! She agreed to meet with us again, but she didn't show. I feel good anyways for talking with her. 

We saw Hanson! I may have said this in my last email, but he and his family have moved to Brixton...When we first saw him he told us he felt sad. We talked to him and watched a couple Mormon messages sitting near our flat in Tottenham Hale. Afterwards Hanson felt much better. He told us as well that he's been reading the Book of Mormon and praying every night! And that's with no recent follow up from us! 

The Work

We met with a former investigator named Fernando. Elder Parkin called him. He originally met Elders Parkin and Tonks in the Tottenham hale retail park a while back. He actually approached them, and called them Elders. He's been to the church in Columbia and he likes it. The only concern is his busy work schedule. He had a job interview on Monday (what a miracle) and we fasted for him yesterday that he'd get it. He is working towards 4 Sep as his baptismal date! 

We taught Jorge and Marcella last night with Brandon Vargas. He shared a cool story of how his brother was in a coma and he prayed hard and long for him. His prayer was answered and his brother was alright. I applied this to all of us; if we just pray and say "is the BoM true? Amen", that's good, but when we are really invested in what we are praying for (ex. a brothers life), when we put our heart into our prayers, that's when we are more likely to receive an answer. Maybe that's what Jorge and Marcela lack? I don't know.... I need to study and pray more about it because they are still not receiving/recognizing an answer to their prayers yet... 

Elder Parkin will be transferred to Northampton tomorrow! I am staying in this area and will be joined by Elder Mthombeni, from South Africa. He is from my MTC group! He's a good guy. I'm excited! 

Love you all! Have a great week 

Elder Withers

Brother Ojukwu

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