Sunday, April 2, 2017

[SENT 3/27/17]

Alec and Elder Nelson and investigator
Hi family. 

The People
We had a wonderful lesson with a brother in our ward last week. I felt the spirit so strong as I testified of Joseph Smith and referred to his experience of being in front of God the Father and Jesus Christ. He came to church on Sunday, and is making slow progress. We'll see how things go this week. 

We had a great lesson. That was another powerful spiritual experience. He had a recent job offer to work thurs-sat nights, which would impede him coming to church. As prompted by the Spirit, we changed our lesson plans to teach the Sabbath Day instead of the Word of Wisdom. We committed him to decline his job if it interferes with Sunday. He said the closing prayer, asking for repentance and expressing gratitude that we were helping him. Sadly though, he took the job, and hasn't been in touch with us recently. Opposition in all things. 

We went to a Sikh temple because of a guy we met on a bus. That's an interesting story... haha we accitentally sat on the left side of the temple with the women, with our feet facing towards the front (both of which are no-no's), all the while wearing orange head scarves having removed our shoes and socks when we came in. We were also wearing our name badges, white shirts and ties, and looking rather western amidst the group of people we were communing with. Exciting stuff :) Hence the title of my email. 

Alec and Elder Nelson in front of Sikh temple
Last P Day we spent some time in the church taking a bunch of trick shots with b ball. I'll send you a vid or two. 

On Friday we were street contacting in Ealing Broadway. For We had 15 minutes left to find, and so we said a prayer that we could find someone. We kept talking with people for the next 15 minutes, with no luck. Eventually we decided to talk to one more person. There was a guy walking next to a girl. I awkwardly asked "What do you do to have a strong relationship together?" The guy stopped, and the girl kept walking. I repeated my question, and he asked "What do you mean?" I responded, (realising he wasn't with the girl) "What do you do to have a strong relationship with your family and frinds?" His response, "I have none". Without going into further detail, his life has bsically turned upside down recently. The SPirit was quite strong during this converstaion. We taught him the restoration on Saturday, extended a baptismal date, and he came to church and had a great experience. We will teach him tonight!  

Life is good! Have a great week.

Elder Withers

Ready to teach!!

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