Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Self explanatory

Hope you all had a great week! 

England Culture
Sofa = Couch
They pronounce "garage" as "gare-age", emphasizing the first 'a'
Vimto Soda is something new that I like to drink :)
People say "well good". I think "well" is kinda like a substitute for the word "so"
cream = whipped cream
Yorkshire puddings 

Something I've prayed for is humility. I've felt that prayer answered as I've had to rely on God to overcome challenges. But it's also allowed me to be teachable, and to be better at receiving council. To be humble is to be teachable! 

Goal: "receive the image of Christ in my countenance" (Alma 5:13). This will come from diligence, selfless service, obedience, and trying to be Christlike! 

God is a God of miracles; I know I'll be helped with my weaknesses, struggles and challenges, if I have faith and turn to him! After all, Moses parted the Red Sea by the power of God! 

Funny/random story: On Thursday, I saw a ginger cat in the street, and I stopped as I saw it walking towards the sidewalk where I was. I had stopped by a car, and the cat was out of my view. The cat walked around the car, as I was beckoning to it. The gato approached me, rubbed on my right leg, and then my left leg. It claimed me. 

We met a really nice woman this week! She was Elfeba in wicked, and she knew Savannah Stevens! We had a really nice conversation with her, and we hope to teach her and her family next week.  

We had interviews with our Mission President this week! President Stevens is so kind, and so wonderful. Sister Stevens made us some WONDERFUL brownies for us to eat during the training we received there. I loved talking with President and Sister Stevens! I wish there was more one on one time with them!  

That's Our Elder!!
Sometimes I feel that I personally carry more of a weight and burden than I am meant to bear. I realize that I need to allow my Savior to help me! On the way to a dinner with a family in our ward, we drove past the vast countryside. The sun was shining down a little, as it found it's way through the clouds. There's so much more to this world than just me! As Moses expressed, I realize that I'm nothing. At the same time, I mean infinitely much to Heavenly Father! I also had the impression that the people around me are the world. That's kind've awkwardly put, but there are so many people in this world that need love, support and help! And that's what I'm here for. 

Neal A. Maxwell gave a wonderful talk titled "Willing to Submit" that President Stevens had us read. I'd highly reccommend it! I believe it was from 1976. Go to lds.org and search 'Willing to Submit' and it should come up! It's SO good. President Stevens was inspired to ask us to read it. 

Something funny: There have been a couple times that I've gone to cook myself an egg, and the egg was frozen... Our freezer kind've leaks cold down into the fridge (since it's above the fridge), so after a while, the food starts to get cold. So, not wanting to waste any eggs (or protein), I managed to get the shell off, and get the egg into the pan. It was funny to look at; a solid, frozen egg, just sitting in the pan. Still in the shape of the shell! :) 

Praying for people helps me to love them! I'm grateful when I feel true Christlike love for people, even when they're not the kindest to me. It's something I can always improve, but I'm grateful for the gift of love that Heavenly Father has blessed me with. 

Connors baptism was great! On the technical side of things, The Baptismal programs were great, things went smoothly, and we had wonderful refreshments at the end. I had printed out a paper for Connor that said "Friends at my baptism 12 July 2015" for people to sign. I really felt the spirit as we sang "When I am Baptized" at the start of the service. And I felt the sweet comfort and calm that only comes from the Spirit. I was so grateful for that! The sweet reassurances that come from the Holy Ghost are unparalleled by anything in the world. Before the actual baptism, another missionary took a picture of Connor, Elder Cook, and me. And my eyes are kind've closed in the picture... :) I asked how Connor felt after the baptism, and he said "good! I want to do that again". I'm happy for Connor and the choice that he's made! It'll truly bless him for the rest of his life on earth and after! 

Elder Withers, Connor and Elder Cook
Last thing: At dinner appointment last night, I had the realization that I'm here on a mission to minster, not to be ministered unto. When I truly lose myself in the service of others, and lose the expectation to be served or have my needs met, that's when I'm fulfilling my purpose as a missionary and that's when I'll be happiest. There's lots for me to improve on, but that's the goal! To truly lose myself in the service of others, and ultimately my God. I know He will help me as I try to do so as best as I can.  

A nice woman made the Elders a cake to celebrate Independence Day!
Thank you everyone for your friendship, prayers, and kindness. I love you all and hope you have a great week! 


Elder Withers


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