Monday, August 10, 2015


I probably spelled that wrong but that's ok because I'm serving an English mission.  

English Culture: 

"Braces" = Suspenders

People say Water differently

Elder Kalabanko was transferred to Canterbury on Tuesday, and Elder Mabingo and I are staying in Hitchin! We may go to the Letchworth area still, but most of our work will be in Hitchin.  

Here's a brief experience I had: As Elder Mabingo and I were walking to the flat in Hitchin (from Letchworth), I became aware that he was having a hard time of carrying one of hisbags. I felt a quiet prompting to offer to carry it.We were walking on a path through a park, and he accepted the offer and said something like "at the end of the park". we came to a point where I then switched my 4 wheeled suitcase for the bag he was carrying (I think it was one of those grocery bag things, and it had some of his things inside). As I served him, I felt the spirit. I had a new desire to be exactly obedient, and I was thoughtful of Elder Mabingo in the pace that I walked. 

I feel that the Spirit I felt when I served Elder Mabingo came in answer to a prayer of mine. The answers to prayers can come when we're on our knees, but often they come when we're out doing, being obedient, working, and serving.

On Thursday Elder Mabingo and I were going to go for a run in themorning. Then we got locked out of our flat, because we left our keys inside and the door locks automatically. We went to the neighbour to ask if they could call the landlord. She was very kind, and helped us out, and eventually the Landlord got to our flat to let us in. 

So I no longer can use the exercise bike! The Hitchin Flat doesn't have one. Bummer. But Elder Mabingo and I went on a run Friday morning, so that was good. 

Hope you all had a great week! 


Elder Withers



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