Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Alec called this meal from a member "Manna from heaven!"
Hello everyone! 

English Culture: People talk with an English accent here.
I hope everyone had a great week! 

On Wednesday we talked to a woman who wasn't interested. BUT, when we asked something like "do you know anyone who would be interested in a message on families?" she said to try her neighbour. So we did. We knocked and a woman came to the door. We talked to her for a little bit, and not long after we started the conversation, a little kitten ran out of the house. This woman didn't want her kitty outside so Elder Rix and I went to the rescue. I ended up catching the kitty, picking it up, and hand delivering it to the owner. The name of the kitten is Black Pudding. 

We got bikes on Wednesday as well! They were the Sister Missionaries' bikes, but they're too big for them (their gent's bikes).  

We also got in touch with a small family of 3 (mom, dad, and 3 year old daughter) that I taught once before on the 29th of June (AKA a while ago). We were able to teach them the Plan of Salvation. Ryan, from the Hitchin ward, who has his mission call, came with us to teach! 

On Friday we taught Jane. Before the lesson, we did some service for her, AND she fed us a really good dinner. It was the first meal that I've had made by an investigator! We served her again yesterday, she fed us, and we had a lesson with her. I love it when people feed me. Side note: Jane has a cat named Ginger. 

Last night we had dinner at the wonderful home of the Amos's, and an FHE afterwards. 

I bought a coat today! FINALLY. It's nice and warm. I like being nice and warm.  

Today is our P Day because of transfers. Earlier today, Elder Rix took a train to Arlsey and then biked to the Amos's house. Brother Amos has been working on a project in his back garden, and we have been able to help him with some of it. The decking was near completion ,but there was an unpainted portion of decking. While Brother Amos was at work, we did some surprise service by finishing off the painting! So that was fun.

Elder Rix and I are staying together in Hitchin for another transfer! I'm finishing his training and I've been called as District Leader. "Whom the Lord calls He qualifies"! I know that He will help me fulfil my responsibilities as I strive for exact obedience and humbly turn to him in prayer.

In the Book of Mormon we learn of a man of great faith. He is referred to as the Brother of Jared. He along with some others were going to journey to the promised land. 8 barges were constructed, but he needed to figure out a solution as to how light would be provided for the passengers in these barges. The Brother of Jared says to the Lord, "Thou hast all power, and can do whatsoever thou wilt for the benefit of man; therefore touch these stones, O Lord, with thy finger, and prepare them that they may shine forth in darkness; and they shall shine forth unto us in the vessels which we have prepared, that we may have light while we shall cross the sea" (Ether 3:4). The Lord then touches the stones one by one, and they light up. The Brother of Jared puts 2 stones in each barge, and they provide light for their journey.  

In a way, as a missionary I should be like the Brother of Jared by imploring the Lord to touch "the stones" (the people I teach) here in Hitchin. If I don't involve the Lord in this great work, it's like me talking to some rocks and telling them to glow (which will likely be an unfruitful pursuit). But, if I invite the Spirit to touch the hearts of "the stones", a light will burn bright within them, and both their faith and my faith will grow. 

Buen Semana! 


Elder Withers



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