Thursday, May 12, 2016


Hello family! 
It was great to see you all on Sunday. Fun to be together via facetime for Mum's day! 
Yay! Mother's Day
Funny Alec!!
My week was really good! I saw Big Ben and Buckingham palace for the first time on the way home from Mission Leadership Council (MLC) in Hyde Park (HP) Chapel.  

MLC starts at 10, so we have to leave Colchester pretty early to be on time due to heavy traffic in London. We picked up the STL's early wednesday morning to go, and Sister Lung said a prayer that we'd arrive at 9:45. Long story short, I drive and miss a couple of turns (awkward) and traffic is pretty bad. We were approaching a turn at one point, and as we were waiting I saw a train on the bridge. I recieved a prompting that we should take a train into MLC in attempts to be on time. We talk about it and decide to go to Stratford Station. We find a car parking lot, take the tube to South Kensington, and walk to HP chapel. We walked through the doors at 9:44! How crazy. What a miracle! We were even given an extra minute. It's almost as if the Lord was saying, "Don't worry, I heard Sister Lung's prayer. You're in good hands. I'll even give you an extra minute to use the restroom before the meeting." It's the little things :) 

Mission Leadership Conference
Zone meeting on Friday was great. At one point we went outside and had an activity to break up the meeting. We played the question game! To play, everyone (27 missionaries in our zone) gets in a circle. One person starts with a ball. They ask any question, then throw the ball to someone else, who then has to do the same thing; catch the ball, ask a question, and throw it to someone else. If you answer or repeat a question you're out. Before we started, there was a sister missionary who invited 3 college girls that were walking by to play with us. So the game is going on, someone throws the ball to me, and I throw it to one of the girls asking "Do you wanna get baptised?". I'm so funny. Hopefully you enjoyed this story. If not, hopefully you're intrigued and want to try this game. 

Zone Meeting
On Saturday, we went to the Stake Priesthood Leadership Meeting. We were originally debating on whether or not we should go, but we decided we should go because President Fagg wanted us to. And it's a good thing we did! President Fagg asked me to give the invocation, and at the end of the meeting, during President Fagg's trianing on "bring a friend", he asked Elder Jensen and I to briefly share ideas on how the members can do that. 

As I said during our facetime, on Sunday I cooked cod for the first time. For the entertainment of Brock and Drake, the package that originally contained the fish said "fishmonger" on the label.  

Life is good! I'm staying in Colchester for another transfer with Elder Jensen. This transfer will only be a 5 week one (they're usually 6 weeks), so I anticipate it'll go really fast. I also fixed my iPad screen today. Elder Jensen and I also bought a companionship tie today. I'll send you a picture when we decide to match. 

Alec and Elder Jensen
Love you guys! Have a great week.
Elder Withers
Busy Elder Withers

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