Thursday, May 5, 2016

[SENT MAY 2, 2016]
Alec and Elder Jensen
Brethren and sisteren,

Hi familia. Happy Monday! And special greetings to Sister Jensen
😊. I love your son mucho. Here's the story of my week.

I've had more meaningful prayers this week! At night, I go to the room next to our bedroom and kneel down. I try not to lean on anything and to pray vocally! It makes a real difference in my day when I have good prayers. I love it.

I started studying PMG from the beginning! I really want to go through it all. It's great. If you want to look at member missionary work quotes look at the quotes in chapter 1 of PMG.

We painted part of Margaret Randall's fence and she made us lunch. She made a really good "Greek style tuna bake". I'm not a fish person (or a fishy person for that matter) but it was really good. So good that I asked to take a pict of the recipe. Will I make it while I'm on my mission? Good question. We'll see. I exercised the most restraint on eating that I have in my life for that meal... I took Elder Jensen's advice and chewed my food a lot. And I enjoyed it more! And I didn't eat too much. Thank goodness for wise companions. 
We went to the gym every day (except Sunday of course) last week! And we went today. Today and Saturday I ran 2.5 miles in 20 minutes and burned 400 calories. Nice stats innit. I feel like I'm making real progress and it's great! :) hopefully I'll be ripped by the time we FaceTime on el dia de los madres. Post workout selfie this morning:
We played football on Saturday! That was fun. I was tired though from running in the morning... I really do enjoy playing football.

Here's just a picture of me and Elder Lindsay from an exchange. I'm wearing another Elder's coat.

I also caught my companion dozing twice this week. I'll send you the videos I took.
I love being a missionary! I feel happy, find satisfaction in the work, and am growing a lot. Life is good. Love you all!

Have a great week
Elder Withers

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