Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy P day everyone!                                    

I really like having Saturday P-Days. It feels nice :) This has been a really good week! It's just so good to be a missionary. I love the people, I love my companion, I love the gospel, I love President and Sister Stevens, I love the missionaries in our mission, and I love the way the Lord is shaping and molding me while I'm here. The mission life is the good life.  

The People

Our new convert is just the most amazing person ever. Her baptism was such a wonderful experience. There were a lot of people there. After the ordinance, while still in the font, she was so happy. She put her hands together and did a little bow towards everyone that was there. She got changed, and the first thing she said after she came out of the changing room was "The world is peaceful." She bore a wonderful testimony (funnily enough, I talked to her in the morning about her bearing her testimony, and she was unsure if she wanted to. But she decided she would, so she came prepared with things typed up on her phone) 

Our other new convert received the Holy Ghost and the Priesthood on Sunday! He's a great man. I look forward to him getting even more integrated into the ward. 

We had the three week missionary meeting a couple days ago. It was fun being with the new missionaries again, and seeing them a bit more comfortable with everything they're doing. 

Last night we were out finding. I was with Elder Mthombeni (again :) for our exchange. We ended up talking with this girl from India! She was the last person we talked with all day. It was about 9:00pm when we met her. She had a conversation with someone earlier that day about believing in God, and her answer was that she didn't know. We read Alma 32:28 with her, and it was a wonderful teaching experience on the streets in London, near Warren Street Station.  

On Sunday, I was facetiming our new convert before church to get some information about her and her family for her baptismal record. When I asked her for her dad's b day she didn't know it. In response she said "sorry dad" and laughed. Lol 

We were talking to her, and she reflected on her baptism. She said, "When I was under the water it was just me and God." She's super sweet. She also said she wished I would've held her under the water for like 2 minutes. HAHA Chinese people are just the best ever. 

Spiritual Experiences
There was a missionary that went home this past week. We had him stay in our flat with us. It was so special to have him there, and talk with him. I appreciated his powerful prayer that he offered. I hope he's had a good transition home.  

Love you all! Have a great week

Elder Withers


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