Saturday, November 26, 2016

First Christmas package arrived in less than a week!
Hi familia!

I hope everyone's started listening to Christmas music, because I sure have! Christmas cheer is finally here. The HP Chapel has been decked with boughs of holly (figuratively speaking), and it's quite festive. On Monday night Elder Burgess and I will be Joseph for the live nativity (at different times, of course). One of us will be finding with a member while the other assumes his role. 

Also, you've probably heard about this, but the Christmas Initiative has been launched! How fun. I look forward to using it in finding and teaching situations. 

There's an app called "Face swop" that we've enjoyed taking selfies with. (When I say we, it means us and our Chinese investigators). Jing commented on one of the pictures "I look handsome as a man."  

The office
The Rees took us out to dinner this past week to a very nice Italian restaurant! It was so fun to be with them. Sadly we had an appointment not too long afterwards, so we didn't have tons of time to talk, but it was so good to get to know them a bit better. Also, Sister Rees shared her conversion story with us a couple of days ago. It was incredibly powerful! She gave up a lot for the gospel. Amazing. I love the Rees and I'm glad they're here! 

Transfers have begun! We spent all day yesterday with President and Sister Stevens discussing leadership and changes in companionships. Fun fun! They are both such wonderful people. If only the rest of the mission knew how funny President was... :D 

The Work
Our new investigator is great! She's done so well with reading, praying, commandments, and she even committed to invite a friend to church for next week. She's an example to me. 

Our other investigator is doing well, too! She has quite the enthusiastic personality. Funny to teach her. 

My Companion
Elder Burgess and I are having a great time together. Working hard, learning lots, and enjoying the work. We started running a bit in Hyde Park this week! We want to alternate between running and basketball. 

It's strange how fast the time is going... The Sister Missionaries that came out the same time as me go home on Wednesday. This is definitely a spur for even further change! Missions are so precious and I'm grateful I have so much time left.  

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I'm so grateful for each of you. For you love, letters, prayers, friendship, and support. I'm so grateful to be here in England! I really love it here, and I love the people. The mission is incredible. 

Love you all!

Elder Withers 

P.S. I don't have anything to report about reindeers, but I put it in the subject line because it rhymed with "Christmas Cheer"


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