Sunday, September 27, 2015

[from September 21, 2015]


English Culture:
"I can't be bothered" is something people say

It was a good week! On Tuesday, Elder Rix and I went to mutual. We played volleyball, basketball, a variation of cricket, and chair football (soccer) with the young men. I think my favourite game that we played was actually chair football! It was actually more fun than when we played basketball... And I played basketball in high school... I've been brainwashed! ;)

Back to chair football: Basically, everyone has a chair and they position their chair around outskirts of the room. Everyone starts out the game standing. If the football hits your chair, then you're out and you sit down. If the person who gets you out, gets out, then you're back in. The winner is the last man standing! It's a great game :) 

Elder Rix is a great guy! He's a good cleaner as well. I like it when other people clean :)

We had a dinner appointment scheduled for Wednesday with a really great family in the ward. But, I was going to go on an exchange with one of the Zone leaders on Wednesday, and I was going to be in St. Albans with him. So, I was going to miss the dinner. I saw the mother of this family on Tuesday and basically I told her that I was going to miss the dinner. And guess what! She totally rescheduled the appointment for Thursday night! Cha ching! AND, when I went to St. Albans, we did some service and were given lunch, AND that night we had a dinner appointment with a member family in St. Albans, AND later that night we got hot chocolate and biscuits in the home of a member family, AND the very next day (Thursday), when I was in Hitchin, I was privileged to go to the home of a wonderful family from our ward, and have dinner with them. The Church is true :) 

On Friday we had interviews! I love President and Sister Stevens. They're so great. Sister Stevens made some really great brownies. 

On Saturday, we had a miracle of sorts. I was going through the phone and calling former investigators. I called a man named Leslie. We had correlation meeting with our Ward Mission Leader (as well as dinner in his home) on Saturday, and after the appointment we were able to go with our Ward Mission Leader and meet with Leslie! He's a really great guy from Zimbabwe. He's in his 20's. We taught him the Restoration on Sunday night with a really great member. 

On Friday, Connor (recent convert), Lewis (he's meeting with the Sister Missionaries), Elder Rix and I had a pizza dinner together in Connor's flat! That was fun. We asked Connor to teach "Follow the Prophet" and he did a great job. Elder Rix and I taught about the 10 commandments. Connor is doing really well! He's such a great guy. He received the Priesthood on the 13th of September, and he accepted a calling (opportunity to serve in the church) on Sunday the 20th.

On Sunday, Elder Rix and I were in charge of teaching Sunday School for the Sunbeams (3 year olds), and we were in charge of teaching Teachers Quorum (14 year old boys). What a great day for church!

Love you all! 

Have a wonderful week. 


Elder Withers

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