Monday, September 28, 2015


Hola means hello in Spanish.  

English Culture

"trump" = toot. (You're welcome Brock)

People like custard here. So do I :)

"pram" = stroller 

Hope everyone had a great week! I'll tell you about some of mine.  

On Tuesday, Elder Rix and I went to mutual. I went with the Teachers (14-15 year old guys) and helped them make a Mormon Message (of sorts) about the Word of Wisdom. It's more of a skit than a Mormon Message... but that's alright. It was fun to work with the Teachers, although they don't have the longest attention span in the world :) 

Elder Rix and I also made a funny video of us lip synching to a voicemail that the Sister Missionaries left us.

So here's a sad story: I bought some trousers from Primark AKA PriMONEY (because it has some cheap items) for £10. They were English trousers. And they were wonderful. On another occasion, I bought another pair of £10 trousers. The first pair of trousers I purchased ripped, so they are currently out of commission. And the second pair are a poor fit. Which would normally be okay, because you could just return them. But I threw away my receipt, so that's not really an option. Good times. 

On Wednesday Elder Rix and I had dinner with the Freemans. After dinner, we helped Brother Freeman with his house. (He's extending it). He has a pullup bar in his back garden! I gave it a try, and was able to do some pullups. #StillGotIt 

On Saturday, we served the Amos family! We did some painting for them. Then they gave us lunch. I love the Amos family! They're so great.  

Last night, Elder Rix and I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a seminary catch up lesson! The Hitchin ward has some good kids.  

Seminary is such a great place to be. I'm grateful that I had the lovely Sister Alred as my seminary teacher! Feeling the Spirit and studying the scriptures before I went to High School was such a blessing. There are some scriptures that I still have memorised! Those scripture mastery songs are magical. :) 

I know that Jesus is my Saviour, and that He loves me and all of His children. I'm grateful for Him.  

Have a wonderful week! 


Elder Withers


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