Monday, November 9, 2015

Elder Alec and Elder Rix

How art all of you? I hopeth that all of ye my yonder friends art goodeth. Here is some English cultureth:

"windscreen" = windshield

We sang hymn 342 "God Save the King" on Sunday, substituting "Queen" for "King" and "she" instead of "he". It took me a bit to catch on 😁 

I love England! The people are wonderful, Hitchin is beautiful, and I love this time of year. Missionary work is tough! It's been a struggle to find people to teach, and when we do, it's difficult to get them to come to church. I'm so grateful though that on Sunday we had a friend of ours come to church! Her name is Andrea! She left after sacrament meeting, but I think she had a really nice experience and that she felt the Spirit. 

On Tuesday, Elder Rix and I taught seminary for the second time! It was great! I ended up sharing the cow vs. Buffalo analogy, and I think that the kids came away with this catchy phrase: "be the buffalo". It was quite humorous, and I enjoyed teaching the seminary kids.

On Wednesday morning Brother Amos called us, and he needed some help that day! His wife and 2 cute kids were coming home from Wales, and Elder Rix and I helped by tidying up. 

Funny story: on Wednesday, Elder Rix and I were cycling to a teaching appointment. Elder Rix was cycling on the road, and he was trying to turn left to get up on the sidewalk, he hit the curb at an awkward angle and he fell and hurt himself. (The story gets better). Then on Thursday, we were cycling again. Elder Rix made the attempt to transition from the road to the sidewalk, and in so doing, he ended up falling and doing a roll of sorts. It was epic. (The story gets even

better) then, on Friday, we were cycling home. There were some kids gathered on the left, and a dog on the right. The owner of the dog was standing out in the field to the left of the kids. Elder Rix was wary of the kids due to previous experience. He was cycling in front of me.

Then, the owner whistled for his dog, who didn't move at first, and then as Elder Rix approached it, it ran in front of my companion to go to its owner. Elder Rix slammed on his rear and front brakes, and in so doing ended up going over his handlebars, due to higher functionality of his front brake. He hurt himself on his bike 3 days in a row! After his 3rd fall, I laughed pretty much all the way home.

We were pretty close to home, by the way. 

Elder Rix and I met this really great kid named Connor while tracking.

We had a nice conversation with him and left him with a card with our number on. His parents weren't home the night we met him. We decided we'd stop by on the following day. He lives in Ickleford, so we took our bikes. I was in front, and I biked past this kid who was in a school uniform. Not long after I went passed this kid, Elder Rix called my name. I turn around, and go back. Turns out, this kid was Connor! We walked with him (and our bikes) on the way home. He seemed interested in what we had to say, and the Spirit was there when we were talking with him. He said to come back at 6:40 that night and we could meet with him. So later that night, we returned! We knocked on his door, and his mum answered. She told us that Connor wasn't interested. It was so sad! I would've loved to talk to Connor and see how he really feels. We tried to find him on Facebook, but we weren't able to. Elder Rix and I are going to stop by at a future time, and we'll try to do it when his mum isn't home so we can hear what he has to say and how he feels. We at least planted a seed of faith! Hopefully he accepts the gospel at a future point in his life. 😊

I love you all and wish you the absolute best! Thanks for your love and support!

Lots of love,

Elder Withers

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