Monday, November 2, 2015


Come están mis amigos? 

English culture:
"Lemonade" = Sprite 

It was another good week in the good ol' ELM. On Friday night we got a surprise dinner appointment with John (a nonmember that I've taught before, but that I'm no longer teaching) and his wife (member). The sisters were supposed to have dinner with them, but they got on the wrong train, and they contacted John and Nankie to see if it would be alright if Elder Rix and I came to dinner instead of the sisters. They were okay with it, and then the sisters called us! Something funny/sad/disappointing: at one point, Nankie told me that it looks like I've gained weight. She is from Botswana, and apparently gaining weight there is a good thing. But I'm American. Not African. And no me gusta gaining weight. Today a wonderful woman (Sister Jaszewska) in the Hitchin ward gave both Elder Rix and I a hair cut! Her husband is great as well. I'm actually in their home right now. Elder Rix, Bro Jaszewski, and Sis Jaszewska, and I decided to have a competition to see who could lose the most weight between now and transfers.

Hopefully I can be the biggest loser. 

The Hitchin ward had a Halloween Party on Saturday! Elder Rix and I helped with some of the set up on Friday. On Saturday (Halloween) I wore my orange tie. How festive of me. Apparently, people don't really like that tie... One of the Sister Missionaries thinks it's a "dad tie." Whatever.

Some sad news. There was a small family (mom, dad, 3 year old daughter) that we were teaching. I taught them in late June with Elder Cook, and then we didn't teach them for a long time. Elder Rix and I were finally able to meet with them, and we had a good lesson. The mom and the dad aren't married, and I was told by someone at the Halloween Party that knows them, that they split up. This made me very sad.

Elder Rix and I knocked on their door on Saturday night, and we saw a figure come down the stairs. I assume this person then looked through the people, and saw us. After a moment, we saw this figure retreat back up the stairs. Heartbreaking. Hopefully we can get in touch and help them. I know the gospel will strengthen their family! Families can be together forever and I'm so grateful for that knowledge. 

 If you've never read "The Fourth Missionary", DO IT! It's so wonderful. And inspiring. It groups missionaries into four categories, and it's just amazing. I'll not spoil anything and I'll just let you read it. 

I want to return from my mission a changed man, dedicated to the Lord, having gave my all in His service. Through the Saviour's grace, I can overcome my own weaknesses and give my heart to Him. This gospel is so good, and it is so true.

I love you all! Have a great week! 


Elder Withers

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