Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy missionaries! Elder Withers is far right :)

Friends and family! Hope you're all doing so well. It's so fun to be able to email and keep in touch. I shall tell you about my life during the past week. 

We had a District Meeting in the Hitchin church building on Tuesday. Afterwards, we ate lasagne (apparently that's how it's spelled) that Sister McNamee made and brought, and we had chocolate that Elder Auras brought. He also brought clementines! I brought milk (not as exciting as the other items, but important, nonetheless). 

After District Meeting, I did an exchange. Elder Beckstrand stayed with me in Hitchin, and Elder Rix went with Elder Auras to Dunstable. On Wednesday morning, Elder Beckstrand and I went for a run. It was the longest run of my mission and it was wonderful. Even though my right quad tightened up a little bit, I felt slight pain in my groin, and my right foot ached a little as I was running, it was good for me. :)

On Wednesday, we Elder Rix and I had a really neat experience while tracting. Usually I feel like tracting is pretty ineffective. But I feel that I've improved in my ability to effectively have conversations at the door (and I'm still improving :), which has made it more effective. Anyways, we knocked on this door and a woman named Gemma opened up. She was very kind! We had a great conversation with her and we taught her a good amount of the Restoration Lesson (not all of it). This was a great reminder to me to have more faith when I knock on people's doors. We had a return appointment with Gemma, but she cancelled it due to poor weather affecting the hours she worked as a gardener. (She's a gardener by day, and cleaner by night). Hopefully Elder Rix and his new companion are able to meet with her!

Brief funny story: after the lesson with Gemma, Elder Rix and I continued tracting her street. We knocked a door, and a guy opened the door. He was in his underwear. LOL #brave 

On Thursday, Elder Rix and I did so much finding. We OYM'd in town in the morning, we went tracting, and we did some OYMing after tracting. And it was unfruitful in the immediate present. But, I know Heavenly Father is mindful of me, and he is happy with the work that I'm doing. 

One of the people I tried to talk to swore at us on Thursday. In response, I said something like "Have a good day" to which he responded "you too!". It was interesting... :D

We had a dinner appointment at the Hopwoods on Thursday night. I said the prayer blessing the food, and also the closing prayer before Elder Rix and I left because Brother Hopwood was thinking that it may be my last dinner/time in their home. 

On Friday, Elder Rix and I went to town square in Hitchin. We saw the turning on of the Hitchin Christmas tree lights! We tried talking to people for a little bit there, but we then decided to tract instead.

Before we go tracting, we like to say a prayer. But before I said the prayer, I remember looking up at the sky and seeing the moon, and feeling a sense of peace. Really the best way to describe it would be feeling the Spirit. I then said the most meaningful, spiritual, and heartfelt prayer I've said in a while. I felt a connection with Heavenly Father, and the Spirit. As we tracted, although it was dark and cold, and we were not able to find any new friends to teach at that time, I felt a love for the people we spoke with.

Sunday we had stake conference! We went to Stevenage. President and Sister Stevens were both there and they both spoke! President Elvidge, the Stake President, quoted CS Lewis: "You find out the strength of the wind by walking against it. Not by lying down." I think there was more to the quote, but that's the part I got down :) Look it up and get back to me! 

Last night Elder Rix and I had a wonderful thanksgiving meal at the Amos's home! They're such a great family. We had FHE with them after dinner. One of my favourite parts about missionary work is the wonderful people that I've been blessed to meet!  

So... last night was moves calls! I found out that I'm moving to Maldon. My new companion will be Elder Dustin Marzahn (from Germany). I will be the District Leader there, and Elder Marzahn and I will be whitewashing! Also, I will be driving there :D so exciting. It'll be an adventure. I'm really looking forward to a new area, and hope I can do my part to build up Maldon!

Thus far, I've served all of my mission in Hitchin. I'm approaching my 6 month mark (it'll be on 27 November). I know that great things are ahead, and I'm so grateful for all the valuable lessons that I've learned while I've been here in Hitchin. I've truly been blessed by the companions I've had, the wonderful Hitchin ward, the people I've met and taught, and by the lessons I've learned and the Spirit that I've felt here. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Wish me luck as I begin my adventure in Maldon! 

Love you all! 


Elder Withers


Elder Withers

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