Monday, February 8, 2016

Basket at Zone Training Meeting
Hujambo everyone!

Credits to dad for the greeting! It's Swahili. 

Time to talk about my week. Let's get innit bruv. 

On Tuesday we taught Mark with Sam Wheeler (Julia wasn't there). We had a nice spiritual thought. Mark said the closing prayer and he said he felt something during the prayer. Neat! 

I also bought a hat, scarf, and a pair of gloves. I've never been a scarf person, but it's amazing how much of a difference it makes in warmth. It's also very nice to have a hat and gloves.  

That night, Sister Hastings brought us dinner to the chapel. It was spaghetti and meatballs with salad and one chocolate bar for us to share. Yummy. 

Sadly on Tuesday, Julie Batts dropped us... We were finding in Town Centre, and we got this text from her: "Hi I've not been well this week and I have a lot on I think it's best if I leave it for the moment as I'm. not in a good place right now I am very grateful to you both for your help and I do have faith but I don't want to commit myself at present I'm sorry. Julie x" 

Sadness! But she has her agency, and hopefully one day she'll come around.  

On Wednesday, we were finding in TC. We were talking to this girl named Jennie that didn't believe in God. At one point, I looked her in the eyes and said that "I know that deep down some part of you wants to believe in God" And then she agreed... I later asked when we could meet with her, expecting her to not actually want to meet. Turns out she does! And she asked if she could bring her friend! We're still waiting for an appointment to be set up but we've had some contact via text.  

A less active member that we visit made us a lunch on Thursday! We each had a jacket potato with buttter, cheese, and baked beans. I hope you enjoyed that detail. I love it when people feed us...  

On Friday we had Zone Training meeting. I got your Valentines Day package mom! I can't wait to open it! actually I can... and I am waiting until Valentines day to open it... anyways... I'm excited :)
Zone Training Meeting

I also got 10 letters at ZTM. One was from the Zuro family, another one from Grandma and Grandpa Withers, and 8 from me... I accidentally switched the position of the delivery address and the return address. Ha! I wasted a little over £10 on stamps. But lesson learned! I now know how to send letters the right way.  

On Saturday we played football in the morning! I'm enjoying football more and more each time I play. I'll get football boots today and that'll make it more fun and competitive.  

I weighted myself at Boots Pharmacy on Saturday! I've lost weight :) I'm so happy about that. Healthy eating goes a long way. 

On Saturday night I did some preparation for the Sabbath to make it a more meaningful experience; I ironed my shirt, put away dishes, cleaned the kitchen counters, and tidied up some of my stuff. And on Sunday, we listened to MOTAB. It was a great Sabbath Day.  

Mark and Julia came for Sacrament meeting yesterday, although they had to leave after. And Abi came to church as well! Much better than last week... 

Lastly, Elder Marzahn and I were finding and there was a woman we saw holding some bags, and we offered to help her. She was a little skeptical at first, but she relented and allowed us to help. I'm amazed at how quickly she trusted us... She even offered us a coffee (we kindly declined, of course). 

Last story. So I bought Haribo sour gummies last night to give to the Greatwood kids if they come to church, but they didn't come. In an effort to be disciplined, I took 5 out for me to eat, and put the bag back. Soon after, I gave the bag to Elder Marzahn to take some. After he had a little bit, I ended up eating the rest of the bag... LOL so much for discipline.
Hope you all have a great week!  


Elder Withers

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