Monday, February 22, 2016

[SENT FEBRUARY 15, 2016]

Hope y'all had a good week. I did!

On Tuesday, we met Tas and Somaya for lunch (which took 3 hours of preparation on their part before we arrived) and a lesson. The food was a bit spicy but super good. Fun bangladeshian cultural thing: the hostess has to put food on your plate before you finish what's there already... Basically I ate wayyy too much food.

Julia was really concerned about her baptism. I felt prompted to explain that we had the priesthood and could give blessings. I asked Julia if she'd like a blessing. She accepted, I gave her a blessing, and afterwards she was much more at ease. The Priesthood is a real power!

Julia's nickname is Sunny! She got it because she'd always be outside doing something. Cute cute. 

We had a special training meeting in Ipswich with President and Sister Stevens and the APs on Thursday! It was great. 

Elder Marzahn and Elder Alec Withers
On Friday we saw Mark (Julia wasn't there ). He made the comparison of getting baptised to holding your first baby for the first time; you'd be like "this is my whole world". He's super excited to be baptised. 

Saturday I played football! With my new boots! It was nice to not be slipping around...


Mark and Julia came to sacrament on Sunday! They left immediately after the ordinance of the sacrament, missing all the talks, but I'm glad they still came! Elder Marzahn said he thinks Mark might've said to Julia (referring to the young men passing the sacrament) "this is what our sons will be like". I don't know if Mark actually said that, but if he did, how cool is that?!

I opened my Valentine's Day package on Sunday! I loved it. I think it was Sunday morning that I forgot how to tie my tie... Lol I figured it out eventually but it was a weird feeling. 😅

President Stevens called yesterday morning! Elder Marzahn will be the new District Leader in Maldon and he'll be training, and I'll be a new zone leader in Colchester! I'm excited! Also there's a private gym that the ZL's go to in Colchester so I'm going to get ripped. 

Mark and Julia got interviewed yesterday for baptism! They're worthy and ready, the only concern is whether or not it's safe for them to be baptised. President Brooks (who interviewed them) talked to President Stevens who will talk to someone in the Area 70 or Area presidency (I don't know which one) about it.  

Since I'm moving and staying within the zone, if Mark and Julia can get baptised I can go! Yay!! 

Hope you have a great week! 


Elder Withers

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