Sunday, April 24, 2016

View from Colchester flat


What a good week. I love life. I love my companion. And I love being a missionary!

Random/English culture: I haven't done this in a while... I should start looking for more English phrases and differences.

- Someone said "Cheerio" to us. That was exciting.

- "Bless his cotton socks"

This week was an interesting one!

Tuesday night Elder Jensen started feeling sick. (this will become relevant soon)

We blitzed the Chelmsford Elders and the Tendring Sisters on Wednesday. Elder Jensen wasn't feeling too well. Then we went to The Vincents home (recent convert family) for Leon's birthday. They fed us there. Then we went to Bishops for dinner there too... wow... Why does everyone want me to be fat?... 

Thursday we had interviews with President Stevens! It was great. Half the zone met in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. Here are some takeaways from the meeting:

-"It's not only what you do but who you are"

-Disobedient missionaries may have "success" in finding, teaching &  baptising, but they will not benefit from their mission as much as they could! Obedience changes us (John 14:15)

-Obedience & Diligence AKA our will are all we can give to God

- President Jordan once said "Don't make excuses. Make it happen"

Friday, my companion died... not really but he was max sick and he slept a bunch. Which was good because he needed it. Friday morning studies was fun. I talked to myself for a bit of the companion study portion of the morning. :) We put Marcel on date for 30 April! He's been taught almost everything and he was close to baptism in the past. Sadly we won't be able to see him until saturday but Saturday, my companion was still sick. We didn't get to go to the ward activity on saturday night because Elder Jensen didn't want to get people sick. Bless his cotton socks... We got to do the progress record though and that was exciting... kinda...

Church Sunday! Yay. The focus of Sacrament meeting was Sabbath Day observance. It was great! Much of the focus was on the most important part of the Sabbath; the sacrament. Meaningful worship during the sacrament will make the Sabbath a delight. A missionary spoke (namely Sister Idrizi from Albania who's going home soon) and she quoted a leader in the church; speakers come prepared with a jug of spiritual water. They spread it throughout the congregation as they speak. In the congregation there are those with a big jug to catch the spiritual water, those with a small cup who catch less water, and even those with their hand over their small cup. Hopefully you can connect the dots and get this comparison :)

Before sunday the Watlings had asked if we could come over for a meal after church. We said yes, because we didn't think we had anything schedule. We got to church, looked at the meal calendar, and discovered we had double booked DA's... Talk about major awkward and uncomfortable. But we talked with the Watling family, and they were super kind and forgiving. We just went over to their home for dessert.

Today! P Day. yay. I haven't had "free time" on P day in a long time.... They've been so busy with call ins with an AP, cleaning, grocery shopping, 3 hours of missionary work, getting things we need, and emailing home that we just haven't had time to ourselves. Which I've been ok with because I'm fine with being productive and using time for missionary work, but I realise how important it is to have some free time. Because I don't want to burn out. So, today, we scheduled time to have lunch with our district and we'll go to the Colchester casltle! It should be fun. I'll also get a haircut today because I need one.

Thanks for your great letters! It's fun hearing about your lives and your livelihood. I don't know why but I just felt like saying livelihood.

 Anywho, I love y'all!

 Cheers mates

Elder Withers

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