Monday, April 11, 2016

The Ipswich Zone!

Happy Hanukkah, 

Another week flown by! My journal writing has suffered... I've just been max busy. I'm enjoying being a zone leader and I'm seeing some good things happen in the zone, but it's an assignment that's constantly on my mind. There's lots to do... I think about struggles of the zone, making plans to improve and executing them, trying to help district leaders, being in touch with companionships (there are 13 besides us in the zone), and doing the work in my own area. But it's good. I'm growing lots and learning lots. 

This morning in my personal study I read about the Stripling warriors in Alma 57. At this point, 2,000 of the Stripling warriors survived 1 battle in Alma 56, and they were joined by 60 more sons of the Ammonites who'd never fought yet (6). While defending the city of Cumeni, these Stripling warriors were the strength of the army. They were "firm and undaunted" while the "remainder of the army were about to give way before the Lamanites" (20). They were exactly obedient (21), they had "exceeding faith" (26), had firm minds and they out their trust in Fod continually (27). Because of these young and inexperienced fighters, the Nephites retained the city of Cumeni.
Interestingly enough, the 2,060 Striplings survived while 1,000 other Nephites were slain (25-26). 

This applies so well to missionary work. In this example, 1,000 of the more experienced Nephite fighters perished. Our success in sharing the gospel will not be determined by our "fighting experience" AKA our eloquence, doctrinal knowledge, planning skills, leadership ability, or life experience alone. Success in missionary work comes through "exceeding faith", firm minds, continual trust in God, and exact obedience. Also, through consistent and sincere daily prayer and study. This is the Lord's work, and without the Spirit "ye shall not teach " (D&C 42:14). 

I'll journal better next week 😊


Elder Withers 

P.S. I love my companion! We work hard together. He's a very good missionary and a loving leader. In tune with the Spirit as well. It's a blessing to serve with him! Also, we played basketball together on Saturday.

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