Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Elder Withers and Elder Jensen
So my time is super limited so I'll try to write fast.

I hit my year mark this week! That's so strange... To celebrate I opened the package from you guys (I loved it :), and went to Bills (a restaurant in town) with Elder Jensen.

I had an English breakfast (we went 
at 11am so lunch wasn't being served) and Elder Jensen got pancakes. Here's a pic of my yummy comida:

We visited Honeysuckle on Friday night! We brought cookies for them. It was a really spiritual lesson; we read 2 chapters from the child's BoM, and I even stood up on their couch to explain/demonstrate Samuel the Lamanite a bit. Honeysuckle's older brother Asher (nonmember) volunteered to say the closing prayer. How cool is that?

Saturday morning we played football. I really enjoyed it because I made a concerted effort to talk with and praise others as we played. It's funny how my experience playing sports has changed... Now I'm not even supposed to be competitive :) A member brought his stepbrother Chris so that was cool too.

On the way to a teaching appointment, we were pretty much at the guy's house. I was resting my arm on the car window (rolled down) when all the sudden a sign from heaven strikes like a lightning in a summer storm in he mountain tops. A bird pooped on my arm. Here's a pic:

Needless to say, I changed my shirt.

Marcel got baptised on Saturday! He got there late but all is well. Before I baptised Marcel, I said a prayer with him in the bathroom. There was such a nice peaceful spirit in that moment. After he was baptised, he bore a wonderful testimo of his conversion story. He came to England from Nigeria. One day he prayed to hear the word of God, and the next day, while he was on the phone, was stopped by Elder Wright and Elder Isaksen. He ended his phone call to talk with them. How cool! He also said that when he was under the water that he knew he was doing the right thing. 

After the baptism there was a talent show that us and the sisters were a part of. Our act was funny! Basically we walked through the day of a missionary. One set of sisters put their face through a sheet, while the other set stood hidden behind them and put their arms through the sheet. Elder Jensen and I narrated different events in our day (such as waking up, praying, shaving, exercising, eating a healthy lunch, etc. Meanwhile, the sisters acted it out (smeared shaving cream on the sisters faces, fed them, etc). It was a good laugh.

Love you all! My time is short today so sorry for the short emails I'm about to send.

Love yous!
Elder Withers

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