Monday, June 27, 2016

Ola! Tudo Bem? 

I have a lot to write about today! I've been really good with journaling recently. Elder Jensen and I shook on having a daily journal entry, and I've been true to it, although I've had to play a bit of catch up at times. 

Tuesday is where I shall begin. Oh man this experience isn't my favorite... On the bus I talked to a lady from Portugal. After she got off the bus, I felt prompted to get up and move by a guy a couple rows ahead on the lefd side to talk with him. For whatever reason, I didn't follow the prompting, and I felt so bad that I didn't talk to him. The guilt was unreal. Honestly, I'm really good about going out of my way to talk with people and doing things out of my comfort zone. Lesson learned; always follow promptings.

I had a cool insight about the 3 Nephites vs. the 9 Nephites recently. The 9 Nephites righteously desired to return to God after they died. The 3 Nephites had an even greater desire; they wanted to bring souls to Christ "While the world shall stand" (3 Ne 28:9) Which missionary am I? (rhetorical question)

I put up decorations on Tuesday night for my b day. Courtesy of Mum.
On Wednesday, my b day, we woke up a bit earlier so we could play 2v2 basketball in a local park (I'm in a 4 man flat). Elder Aubin made Spinach smoothies, and some REALLY good pancakes. 

Elder Aubin
Birthday pancakes :)

Thanks for all the great presents :)

At District Meeting, Sister Mattos and Brown surprised me with a cake they made. i blew out the candles without making a wish. Hopefully I'm not cursed or anything. 

Happy Birthday, Alec!
Elder Parkin showed me a really good video that I'll send to you... It's an eye opener. It talks about how routine is the enemy of time; it makes it fly by. So many people say things like "my life went by so fast... I just blinked and I was 80". This guy has a really neat story/perspective. I'll just send it to you. His name is Jedidiah, if you were wondering.

We got a cool text from someone in the referral centre in the MTC about a woman that we met on the Underground. She had a really positive impression of us and said she planned to learn more about the Book of Mormon. I'll send the pictures of the text we received. It just shows that you never know what seeds you'll plant!

This past week we found this guy named Hanson. He's an absolute miracle. He's 17 and Columbian. We met him outside the Tottenham Hale station, where I spoke some Spanish to him. We taught him the Restoration with a member that was about his age. He accepted a conditional baptismal date for 31 July. 

We had a nice teaching appointment/lunch with Alex and Rhama. We watched a Mormon message in Portuguese and the Spirit was so strong. :) We brought Hot dogs to the lunch

On Saturday, Alex was baptized. Twice :) The second dunk was done properly and all was well. Alex was very willing to do it again because he "loves water". What a guy. 
After the Baptism, we had a lesson with Hanson where we watched the Restoration video with him in Spanish. After the video, we were discussing, and at one point I asked if he believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and if he believes the Book of Mormon is true. To both of these, he answered in the affirmative. He's amazing. He came to church on Sunday too!

Today was a great P-day! I got a new pair of shoes (much needed), a hair cut, and we walked through part of Hyde Park and walked on Kensington Palace gardens (super nice houses that are on lockdown; you can't even take pictures there).

I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Withers

Elder Alec

England, London Mission

England, London Mission

Royal Albert Hall

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