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[SENT 6/14/16]
Alec with the ward mission leader


If you're wondering why I titled the subject of this email with such vivid imagery, I will tell you. If you're not wondering why, I'll tell you anyways. Well, I'll tell you about my week first, and then we'll get to the juicy bit.

I'll start my week with Friday, because my journalling slipped until then. Friday marked exactly one year from when I left the MTC... How strange is that! I've learned and changed a lot since then. I still remember being with Elder Cook in Hitchin, being in that flat, being with the members, emailing from the Hitchin computer. Now Elder Cook goes home tomorrow. I just can't believe how fast the time has gone. I've learned and changed a lot since that first transfer of my mission...

On Saturday we went to a baptism in Chelmsford! After that, we went the Greigs for lunch and service. We helped them clear out some weeds/stinging nettle in part of their garden. The Greig family is so great! We also taught their 7 year old son about the Plan of Salvation, using a diagram, in preparation for his baptism.

We later went to Nando's with Haydn Hewitt and his nonmember stepbrother Chris. Long story short, we've played football twice with Chris and had Nando's together on saturday. Haydn told us that after the first time Chris played football with us that he went home all excited, telling his parents how cool we were, in the which his rather anti parents shot him down pretty hard. Yesterday we got a text from Haydn that said that one of Chris's friends was super anti and was "slating" the church. He said Chris stood up for us and the church. "He might not be too interested in hearing the message but he's definitely thinking about it because before he would just laugh and play along with his mate." Pretty cool... A member told us on Sunday about a miracle from his mission where he taught a girl whose father was anti and opposed to the church. The girl didn't get baptised while this member (Brother Bueno) was serving. 15 years down the line, Brother Bueno returned to visit his old stomping grounds with his family, to find this girl along with her family had been baptised. We had dinner with the Bueno family on Sunday. I'll send a picture of us with their family

Due to speculation regarding transfers, Bishop had me bear my testimony in Sacrament meeting. One thing I talked about was the connection between Alma 7:11-12 and 3 Nephi 17, where Christ decides to tarry with the Nephites because he was filled with mercy. 

I really love Colchester ward. It's very strange how fast 3 transfers has gone here... Elder Jensen and I both wrote a happy birthday card for Sister Greig, who at one point said something like "If you leave I'm going to cry". Lol it's nice to be loved...

Yesterday we had zone finding at 2pm. In the beginning of it, we tried to stop 2 guys. They were working, so their time was too limited to talk. One of them was obviously not interested and walked off but the other guy wanted to exchange phone numbers. His name was Daniel and he wanted us to call him later that night. We called him later, and had a really nice conversation. He said that what makes him lean towards wanting faith is that he wants to change; he's been drinking too much recently. He also wants peace (as we all do) in our life. We will see him tonight at the chapel.
Tuesday, Elder Oaks came to our mission. Elder Jensen and I originally sat in the back right corner. As we were standing to make sure our zone was there, Sister Hylet told one of the AP's that two seats were available in the front. So Elder Jensen and I sat in the second row, right in the center of the HP chapel. How special it was to shake the hand of an Apostle of the Lord, along with Sister Oaks, President and Sister Kearon, and Elder Herbertson.
I came into the meeting fasting and praying for revelation on how to be more motivated to give my all as a missionary. Some specific things I got out of the meeting: Declare to the Lord I'll give my heart to him and my best effort in my morning prayer, Say to the Lord "I Will"; the Lord needs me to say "I will" more than he needs my investigators to, Become th eMessage, Seek a mighty change of heart (Alma 5:12-14).
On Thursday we had an exchange. We had a cool miracle in finding a woman named Kylie. She seemed super great, and we were supposed to see her yesterday. But in between the time we met her and the time we had the appointment scheduled, the adversary changed her mind. 
Here's the reason for the Juicy subject line: yesterday was moves calls! President Stevens called us to inform us that I will be going to London North Zone to serve with Elder Parkin, and Elder Jensen will stay in the Ipswich Zone and be joined by Elder Burgess. My area will be Lea Valley.

I'm really excited for transfers. I love Elder Jensen a lot. Literally he's my best friend. I've learned a lot from him, and I feel we've grown a lot together. But I'm excited for the change because changing areas and companions will give me a fresh satart. It's an opportunity to more easily be the missionary I want to be; exactly obedient, diligent, consecrated, loving, motivated, etc. This will hopefully be a springboard of growth for me.

We had dinner with Bishop Leydon and his family last night. I wrote them a thank you note and gave them one of your precious CD's, mom.

I love you familia! Have a juicy week ;)

Elder Withers

Alec, Elder Jensen and the Bueno Family

Alec and Elder Jensen :)

Alec, Elder Jensen and Marcel

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