Wednesday, June 1, 2016

[RECEIVED 5-23-16]

Alec and Elder Jensen
Hey Fam!

Happy moon day. 
On Tuesday we had an exchange with the Cambridge Elders. We had a lesson with a guy named Sam. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation in Subway. Sadly, he's too busy to meet with us at this time because of exams, but it was a really nice lesson. He's a great guy! After the lesson, I bought a footlong sub and shared half of it with him. 
We did some service for an elderly lady afterwards. Sadly it was in our proselyting clothes because we didn't have time to return to our flat to change. I had the strimmer (AKA weed wacker) and got nice and grassy. That's a good memory :)

We played football with the Cambridge elders on wednesday morning. That same day, we had another exchange with the Bury St. Edumunds Elders. I was with Elder Dalley and we went finding for 4.5 hours that day :) And we were blessed with a miracle! While on the way back to our flat, Elder Dalley stopped a guy that looked like he was 14. We talked with him, and he was interested in getting a book of Mormon. So we set up an appointment for later that night. When the time comes, we go over to his home (across the street from our flat). When we enter his flat, we're greeted by a girl, named Lydia, that I'd spoken with before that wasn't interested! The man turned out to be 22 and his name is Blessing. Long story short, we had a nice overview of the restoration, and invited them to read from the Book of Mormon, in the which both were pretty receptive. Which was neat, since Lydia wasn't interested in the past. We should be seeing them tonight so hopefully all goes well.

Funny stories:
There was this one day that Elder Jensen and I were waiting for an elevator. A woman came out with a suitcase. We said hi and Elder Jensen asked if she was going on holiday. She said no, that she was going to visit her family. All the while, we were walking into the elevator as she was walking to the door. Once in the elevator, I asked her (at this point near the door) where her family lived. Then the elevator door closed before she could adequately respond. It was nice and awkward... Good thing I'm not going on any dates for a while!

Elder Jensen and I often say the same thing at the same time, or one of us says something and the other is like "what?... I was just going to say that..." It's so strange how in sync we are sometimes...

Being a missionary is great! I love it. Hope you all have a great week


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