Saturday, October 8, 2016

Elder Steuer's last district meeting
Hey there! 

Hope everyone is doing well. I had a lovely week in London with some good lads lately. I quite like the alliteration station all the way across the nation. I'll tell you about my wacky wonderful welcoming week. 

Fun facts
Our investigator came to the church for us to teach him last saturday. Afterwards he played the piano. He's quite good! 

On our exchange with a Zone Leader Companionship from St. Albans, we went to Preto's for lunch. It's a Brazilian Rodijio grill (A certain type of grilling). We went in honour of Elder Silva, who is Brazilian. We got the option of unlimited food, and the griller guy constantly came back and forth, bringing different kinds of succulent and savory meats. WOW we ate a lot of food there.

We played some ping pong after our lesson. It's been a while since I've played! 

Lessons Learned
We went to teach a potential investigator, and found that she had brought two guys with her that essentially wanted to bash about our faith. Sadly, we spent about 30 minutes there with them. Looking back, I would've just asked "what are your intentions in meeting with us?", and if they are to "Trifle with our words" (As it says in Mosiah 2), then I would've just left. Their eyes were closed, their ears where shut, and their mind was left in darkness due to the hardness of their hearts. We only understand the mysteries of God as we exercise faith and seek the Spirit.  

Humorous Happenings
It's so funny teaching Asian investigators. They are very pure and very innocent. When they have a realisation they have cute little exclamations and gestures. Haha I wish I had them on video. 

Our investigator put church in her iPhone calendar for every sunday, and she put her baptism in their, too. For our appointment tonight, she titled it "Meet with God [Angel Emoji]". How funny is that?! :D 

The Wonderful Work
We've been teaching a girl. She's 23, from China, and is studying pharmacy. She's making drugs, or something of that nature (AKA very intelligent). She's brand new to England; she's only been here for about 2 weeks. She grew up not believing in God. We've taught her a few times, and she's so amazing. She will often make a surprised/excited face whenever she gains an understanding of a principle. She understood the Atonement really well. We went to the Visitor's Centre with her (In South Kensington), and stood in front of the Christus outside. We asked her how the statue made her feel, and she smiled and made a hugging gesture towards the statue. We went inside, and stood right in front of the statue. This was a powerful experience with her. We then watched the video "God's Plan" in Mandarin with her, and that was amazing, too. It made her think of her Grandma (who has passed away). When we discussed after the video, and told her she could be with her Grandma again, she asked "Is this true?". She loved the idea of being with her again. She will be baptised on 6 November! What a special day, huh mom :) 

When we go finding, we go near universities (since there's a large YSA population). I'm amazed at how prepared many of the Asian students are to hear the gospel. They come from a country which stifles any faith in God, substituting Communism for religion. And when they're somewhere with more freedom, like England, their interest and curiosity are piqued. I find they are very receptive to the Spirit.  

We taught a guy last night over video call. He's Taiwanese, and doesn't have a religious background either. He expressed "hearing a distinct voice" from God, basically to keep going. He felt God helping him when he was lonely. He's a great guy. He is working towards 13 November for his baptism. 

Love you all! Have a Super Sweet Semana!
Elder Withers
Video teaching!

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