Saturday, October 1, 2016

Elder Withers and Elder Steuer at the London Temple
What a great week!                                                                                             

The Work

Sunday four of our friends came to church. Three of them were Asian :D After church there was a "Break the Fast", and it was fun to get to know some of the YSA.  

I got a haircut this week. 

We taught a Chinese guy. He's 6'6, and doesn't have a belief in God. He said his first prayer with us. We challenged him to pray every morning and night. We followed up the next morning to see how his prayer was, and he said that his throat felt better, and he thought it could've been linked to his prayer with us at night. Sadly he dropped us, since he can't reconcile his lack of belief for the past 24 years with such a sudden and drastic change. He said he may come to church sometime, so we will keep trying with him! He's such a genuine guy. Very pure. 

This week we had lots of meetings; tuesday 4 new missionaries came in (halfway through the transfer since they are visa waiters) so we had a meeting then. Wednesday was MLC. Thursday was the 3 week meeting. Friday we attended our own zone meeting. 

New missionaries!
Hyde Park Zone


The Irish-Korean guy from a couple weeks ago, met with us on thursday! And he's committed to come to conference for today.  


I helped re-write a song illustrating the pattern of talking to people on the street.

Sister Stevens is so amazing. We had dinner with her and President on monday. We had ribs, potatoes, and salad, and dessert. Direct quote from her: "I have to apologise...I left the fetta out of our salad last night. It would've been much better". She's so sweet. Look up her conference talks! She gave a talk in women's conference, and 2 in general conference. The GV ones are called "Fear not I am with thee" (April 2014) and "Become as a little child" (April 2011). 

Special Experience

We went to the temple with President and Sister Stevens today. It was very special. It's renewed my desire to be more obedient and consecrated. I love the temple! I feel very blessed being able to get to know President and Sister Stevens better. They're both so amazing. They're like a second mom and dad.
At the temple with President and Sister Stevens
Love you all!

Elder Withers






Mission Office

Nap/prayer aftermath

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