Saturday, December 3, 2016

Alec and Elder Burgess with ice rink in South Kensington
Hello family!

This was a great week. Winter is coming (as well as my half birthday). How is everyone doing over there? Christmas will be here before you know it... Here are some juicy tidbits about my week:

Elder Burgess and I had a nice lunch with a member today. We also took a nice selfie with a scenic background. I'll make sure to send it. 

Alec as Joseph in the live nativity
The Work
Our investigator is doing so well! She has already passed her interview and will be baptised on 11 December. She even brought a friend to church last week. Sadly, she wasn't interested (yet) 

The American says he believes the Book of Mormon is true, and understands that that means that this church is the only true church. However, he's been tough to get ahold of. We should see him tonight, and we'll smash him with the Spirit & Christlike love & boldness & Christmas. 

We finished transfers this week! It was a bit crazy but good. We pretty much spent friday-monday morning with President and Sister Stevens. Tuesday night was the departing dinner! It was special to hear the testimonies of the sisters in my MTC group! Very strong. Then the very next morning, 18 new missionaries came in! All of them have such great faith and excitement about the work. I quite enjoy interacting with the new missionaries coming in.  

Transfers with President and Sister Stevens
The Work outs
We ran three times this week in Hyde Park. It's a nice run! for 2/3 of them, we ran for 30 minutes. It's probably a bit over 3 miles.  

I asked our new convert what she wanted for Christmas, and she said she wanted a boyfriend. Haha Elder Burgess and I tried to matchmake for her, but to no avail. haha On a more serious note, she did baptisms for the dead yesterday with a group of YSA! So fun. 

I'm so grateful for personal study time. This morning I changed the way I studied the Book of Mormon; digging in to footnotes, and spending time reflecting and writing down thoughts and impressions. I am so excited to continue this pattern of study. Previously, I was too focused on staying with the mission's reading of the book of mormon, as well as doing other things in study time. I plan to stay caught up with the Book of Mormon reading and finish by Christmas, but I'll just devote more personal study time to the Book of Mormon. After all, it's the most correct of any book! 

Love you all! Happy December.

Elder Withers

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