Saturday, December 24, 2016

Alec, Elder Burgess, and investigator skyping with new convert
Can you believe it's Christmas?! Amazing how time flies.  

The People

Our new convert brought her friend to church on Sunday! She's a great missionary. Her friend was impressed with the church and how welcome she felt. Hopefully we can teach her when she gets back from her holiday! 

I've been focusing recently on pushing myself even more with talking to the people on the tube. Ex: I would talk to someone, they wouldn't be interested, so I'd change seats or move and talk to someone else.  

We met this week with a recent convert of a few months ago. He's a great guy, and an amazing photographer. Quote from him"The thing that holds us back is our limiting beliefs. You have to replace limiting beliefs with liberating truths". He was quoting someone else, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. He also gave us a very big/nice christmas gift. What a guy.  

For the day of gratitude for "Light the World", our new convert texted Elder Burgess and I individually and expressed some really nice things. I'm grateful for her! she taught with us today and did a great job.  

Another new convert taught us the Restoration this week and she did very well! She has a great understanding and desire.  

Tomorrow will be a great day! I'll tell you about what we do tomorrow night (afternoon for you).  

I was in line at Pret a manger to purchase my dinner (a nice chicken salad), the lady asked me how I was doing. I responded with a big smile and enthusiasm. The price then came up on the register, then went to £0.00. She said "it's because of my smile". Seeing me surprised and confused that I'm getting a free dinner, she then just said "Merry Christmas".  

Love you all! Merry Christmas

Elder Withers

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