Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hey there familia! 

Christmas is in the air. We just completed a week of Christmas Conferences! That was fun... We had pizza and salad every day for lunch. Wow... I was proud of myself for my discipline in my eating. 

Elder Burgess and I got matching Christmas T-shirts for the Christmas Conferences (after lunch everyone threw on a Christmas jumper). We looked rather smashing in them. I'll send a picture! 
Alec and Elder Burgess
Christmas conference was so great! I enjoyed the talks given by President and Sister Stevens and a couple stake Presidents that attended. I look forward to Christmas and hope we can spend at least some of the day with people who would otherwise be lonely/without anything to do on that special day.  

Our investigator was baptised on Sunday!! It was so great to be a part of her conversion. I'm so impressed with her obedience, her love of God, and her consistent study and prayer habits. As I've expressed before, she's so pure and sweet!  

Our new convert spoke at Bamboo's baptism, and did an incredible job. I'm very impressed with how much she's grown as well. They make quite a team! 

Have a wonderful week! Enjoy celebrating my half birthday on Thursday.

Elder Withers

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