Monday, February 6, 2017


My journal writing this past week was great! So I'll have some details I otherwise wouldn't have remembered. 

The Work
We had MLC this past week. We gave a training on asking inspired questions. Super busy now, we have Zone Conferences this coming week. 

The physical work
I've been doing well with working out! Total this week, I did 370 pushups. My shot at b ball has improved since I've been here, since we play so frequently. 

I didn't get glasses this past week because turns out they charge me for an eye test, since I'm not a part of the NHS. They just don't like foreigners... Oh well! One day my eyes will be opened and I will see clearly. 

Today we went to the British museum! It was alright. Some neat stuff there for sure. 

President was talking about the possibility of driving to different chapels throughout the mission to do interviews, that way it'd be less disruptive of missionaries' schedules from travelling into London. He said something like, "That's a lot of driving. I'm 65. I could die at any moment." haha he's hilarioius. 

I have a self-made tradition of reading my patriarchal blessing every sunday morning. While I was reading it this past sunday, I received the very specific prompting to memorise 1 scripture a week. It reminded me of the "Ponderise" challenge extended a couple of general conferences ago. I memorised Mosiah 4:9 last week. 

Hope you all are doing well. Love ya!

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