Friday, February 17, 2017

[SENT 2/11/17]

Alec and Elder Burgess
Hi Familia!!

You may or may not be wondering why "6 slices of pizza, salad, clementines, a protein bar, and one cookie" is the subject line for my email. That describes the sum of the food I ate for lunch between tuesday-friday. Gotta love zone conference lunch.

We had 4 zone conferences, each of them lasting from 10am-4pm. They were really good! 4 trainings and good discussion. I can't believe how fast this past week went. 

ELM Zone Conference
The Rees's
We helped the Rees's with a bit of moving last saturday. They now live on Exhibition road in a very nice flat by the chapel. While we helped them move, I got to talk to Sister Rees a bit about her conversion story. Which is so powerful! She's an amazing woman. 

On the drive out to Ipswich, Elder Burgess and I sat up front with Elder Rees and had a deep gospel conversation. He's a powerful, wise, and consecrated man.

It's fun to have a connection with them through the Polings! They shared a bit of Rick's conversion story over dinner on tuesday night, too. What a good family. 

The Work
We are currently teaching two people; one is Chinese. He wants to become a better person, and this led him to want to meet and develop his faith. It may be a bit of a slow process with him, but we'll see how far he goes. 

The other is a member referral. She came to church last week, and we taught her yesterday. She has great desires, and a good background in Christianity. She's Coptic (some kind of Egyptian Orthodox). She is super busy so hopefully we can teach her enough for her to progress. 

Elder Burgess and I just have a good time together. I'm just amazed at how fast time has gone! We've almost completed our 3rd transfer together. Lots of good work, lots of laughs, lots of growth. Life is good :)

Jing taught us a lesson over we-chat about 2 of the principles from Lesson 1. She asked us some really good questions as she taught. For example, "how did your parents teach you the gospel?" She's preparing for when she will go home to china at the end of this year, which will be an interesting challenge since her family will be new to faith.

I love you all so much! Family is the best thing ever. 

Have a great week!

Elder Withers

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