Sunday, February 26, 2017

[SENT 2-18-17]

Elder Burgess, new convert, Alec

Happy Saturday everyone!

Another week flown by. Church Sunday, Monday call-ins with Zone Leaders, Tuesday-Thursday we had an exchange each day, and yesterday we began working at transfers with President. I love transfers weekend! Such a fun time. Can't believe how fast the time is going! I appreciate in your emails not mentioning how much time is left in my mission. It really helps me to focus a lot on the here and now. I'm determined to finish strong! Here are some det's from the week: 

Personal Growth
So that Valentines Day package was tempting me. It was Valentines Day Eve, and I almost opened the package. But then I restrained myself and waited until Valentines day morning. Hope you're proud, momma. 

The Work
During one of the exchanges, we were travelling in the tube. As we were walking down the escalator, I recieved a prompting to talk to a guy ahead of me wearing a nice hat. He was a really cool guy and we set up an appointment to teach him for Friday. Yesterday we went over to his flat. He lives near Leicester Square, above a Pret a Manger (food place). His flat is a big open place on the second floor. In the center of the room is a big bike rack with lots of bike frames (he has a vision of creating a super bike, that people rent and use for a short time. With the idea of using the bike as an 'experience'. His name is Paul. He works with high level fashion (apparently it's fashion week). In the corner of this big room sits a sofa, framed by 2 chairs to the right, and 2 chairs opposite. We were basically in his man cave.

We taught him the Restoration, and as I read to him Moroni 10:4-5, substituting his name into the verse as I read. He had a neat Spiritual experience as I shared that verse of scripture with him, expressing in a text that he felt "in a daze" as the scripture was read. He said "Thanks for coming round.. Slightly nervous, however felt right. Just looking forward to getting closer spiritually. I must admit after reading that with my name there was a mementary daze. Is that the Holy Spirit? I will look for app (talking about the BoM app) and take it from there. It has been pretty full on since you left best part. Take care and see you soon Paul." Cool guy!

Yesterday marked one year since I was with Elder Wright! Crazy crazy crazy. Time sure does fly.

Yesterday we got a good start on transfers. Lots of work to be done still, but things are going well. At dinner (taco salad, courtesy of Sister Stevens), we talked with President about some defining moments from his mission. It was super cool. He was out for 2 transfers and he trained a new missionary (in Italy). Plot twist, he was called as the Branch President at the same time. A couple transfers later, he was a District Leader training with another set of elders. Plot twist: They were opening a city; no members, no investigators, no flat, no nothing. Later, as an assistant, the President called him and said he thought he should be out in the field again. He finished his mission with a struggling missionary. Neat stories. Definitely makes me want to do whatever President asks for the rest of my mission!

Spiritual Experiences
During Sacrament meeting, a girl sang "His Hands." It reminded me of mom, since this was a song that was often played in our home on Sunday. As I listened, it evoked powerful images of the Saviour and His Atonement in my mind. During this brief little experience, I gained a greater depth of testimony of the Atonement. I felt in a very real way that "As you grow in your understanding of the Atonement, your desire to share the gospel will increase" (PMG). 

I've had a lot of good experiences in church recently. I've been bringing my "Joseph Smith journal" with me so I can take notes. I've been striving to really focus in the sacrament. I've strived to prepare for classes by doing the reading before church. 

Thanks for your love and support! Have a wonderful week.

Elder Withers

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