Monday, August 15, 2016

Como estaca?! 

Mabute. It's been a good week! They always go so fast... It's muy estrano. Here's my sum up 

The Work

We had a Skype lesson with America and she decided she wanted to fast! Sadly she wasn't able to make is to church because of a late night with her friend on Saturday.  

Roseanne accepted a baptismal date, even though she was originally planning on getting baptized in another church. We had dinner with Abi's (a recent convert of about a year ago) which was Arepas and scrambled eggs with super good hot chocolate. We watched some Mormon Messages afterwards. We even watched Lindsey Stirling's "I'm a Mormon" since Roseanne plays bass. 


We had an exchange with the Stratford Elders this past week, and that went well. Since we had an extra set of Elders in our flat, we were short beds. So Elder Moulton and I slept on couch cushions. This, in combination with playing basketball and being out of shape resulted in back soreness. But I'm alright now. I also didn't sleep that well that night, and I woke up early. So I just started reading Jesus the Christ while I awaited the alarm to go off. I guess that's humorous.

On Roseanne's first Sunday at church, there were a few members that referred to her as an "investigator" which is a pet peeve of mine... anyways, at one point during our dinner with Abi, Roseanne asked "What's an investigator?" She said she was thinking it was someone that was there to check out the building or something.  

Spiritual Experiences

We had a meeting in South Kensington, and after the meeting finished we met Roseanne at South K station and went back to the Visitors Centre with her. We had a nice tour of the place, and then watched a video titled "God's Plan". It was the first time I'd seen that video too, and it got me right in the feels. Conclusion: I am a cry baby. I really felt the Spirit while watching. It essentially tells the story of the Plan of Salvation through one family's experience. Maybe see if you can find it online! 

I love you all!

Have a great week

Elder Withers

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