Monday, August 29, 2016

The District
It's been another great week. It's gone really fast! Right now I'm in the Hyde Park chapel, and someone just started playing the organ and it's pretty cool. Just bought I'd share that with you. Now about my week!
English Culture

In a lesson a couple weeks ago we taught the restoration to a guy named Herve. After the lesson, Moroni (not the Angel, but the member that taught with us) told me I said "Peter" with an English accent in the lesson. I'm proper English, mate. 

Spiritual experiences

I gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting and I felt the Spirit so strongly as I was up there. I really enjoy giving talks! I shared the story of Drake and I sliding down the stairs on a blanket. My talk was on receiving promptings of the Holy Ghost. 
Alex Breda (recently baptised) has been less active for the past little bit. His family has had some struggles and his wife and son are now in Brazil. We've reached out to him through messages and calls, and we stopped by on Saturday night but we usually get limited to no response. But on Sunday, a man that usually attends the Portuguese Ward in central London came to our church. And he brought with him Alex! It was so good to see Alex again. I felt a little emotional to be honest that's how happy I was. He said the only reason he came was because Cesario came and knocked on his door. He didn't want to come to church alone. I'm so grateful  that Cesario followed the Spirit and reached out to a struggling member. 


We were talking with people on the street on Wednesday and there was this woman on a bench that we started talking with. We joined her and sat down, and taught about the restoration. She said a couple of funny things when we were using some picked in our teaching like "Jesus is handsome" and "Jesus has a six pack". She also asked if I had a girlfriend at home. 

We found a Jamaican lady named Denise! (Side note: I like to imitate the Jamaican accent and say things like "Waa gwaan me fren" and "everyting bless".) She added me on Facebook and said I looked thinner now than I do in the picture. She also said Elder Mthombeni "had some meat on him". But she said that's different from being fat. She called herself fat and said she wasn't going to change because she doesn't want to perish like all the skinny people when there is a famine. 

I was talking with a Malaysian at a bus stop and he was with his wife on his honeymoon. They were leaving and I told him to have a great marriage. His response: "same to you". What a nice thing to say. 

The work

America came to church yesterday! She's unsure about her baptism (ironically scheduled for 11 September). She has some doubts, and hasn't been reading and praying as she should. We will watch "Joseph ?Smith the prophet of the restoration" with her tomorrow!

This ward is a struggle... We had a very disorganised ward council yesterday. And it was the first one that has happened since I've been here. I really want to make a difference and help the ward to grow, but it's very difficult... We've taught with increasing amounts of members since when I first arrived to the area, but it's definitely a slow moving train getting missionary work going in the ward. We brought up doing a 40 day fast as a ward, having a dinner calendar, and doing missionary moments in priesthood and relief society. These should make a difference!

I love you guys! Hope you've had a great week

Elder Withers
Bathroom selfie


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