Sunday, August 28, 2016

[SENT AUGUST 22, 2016]

Alec, Elder Mthombeni and investigators

Hello familia. It me again. Hope you enjoy this juicy emaili!                                                           

The Work

We taught Jorge and Marcela on Monday night! long story short, we have stopped meeting with them. They weren't willing to step up to the level of commitment needed in order to really experience conversion. Hopefully one day they will receive the gospel! They are an amazing couple... Super cute. They have been married for 9 years as of Wednesday. To top off their cuteness, they frequently hold hands during teaching visits.

On Tuesday we went finding in Finsbury Park, and we talked with a woman sitting outside an italian restaurant. After talking a bit, we sat with her, and basically taught about the Restoration. She is probably the most prepared person I've talked with on the street. haha She asked us if she could come to church! She even offered us food and drink. We didn't have the blessing of teaching her again since she lives in another zone, but it was cool to meet her. 

Cool things

Connor and his fiancé took us out to Pizza hut! And I had too much ice cream because it was unlimited. oops.

I found another suit in the flat! Its blue. Me gusta mucho! I will get it tailored and wear it to MLC next week. I will send a pic next week!
Wow Experiences

There's a woman named Bernita that were teaching. We had a really good lesson with her in Costa. But to mix things up, there was a rude guy that interrupted at one point and asked if we have children. saying to Bernita "if you want moral advice you should think about who youre getting it from" Wow. I didn't realize Satan sat in on our lessons...

I was talking with a woman in the underground. We got on the tube together and she sat down while we continued talking. Then, out of nowhere, a man raises his voice and says "Hey. Stop that. You cant to push your religion on people on the tube. Youre not in America and you can't do what you want." I responded saying I'm just having a conversation and he raised his voice even more, even telling me to shut up at one point. A woman sitting down in the tube said in my defense that I was just having a conversation. I decided to just turn my back and walk away to another part. To be honest, my legs felt a bit shaky. Lol what an experience. I even felt a bit emotional. In another part of the train I tried talking with a guy there but he wasn't very talkative. But I pressed forward thinking maybe the adversary was giving me resistance because we were going to find someone good! We change tubes, and the next person we talk to on the tube gives us her address and phone number. 


I was accidentally very bold with a Jamaican guy. He asked me if we believed in Mohammed as a prophet. And I bluntly said no, Mohammed wasn't a prophet because he didn't testify of Jesus. I guess this isn't that funny, but I find it kinda humorous. 

A bird pooped on me. AGAIN! Why does this happen to me... We went to a coffee shop, and Elder Mthombeni helped me clean it off. Hopefully no one noticed us going into a single bathroom together... lol


Elder Mthombeni shared a quote with me recently. @When someone pleads fervently in prayer for an answer, the answer may be more conditioned on repentance of personal sins than on any other factor. Faith must be unto repentance to result in spiritual experiences! Investigators praying for forgiveness may be the powerful spiritual experience they need to recognize that this church is true! 

Love you guys! Have a great week.

Elder Withers



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