Sunday, August 14, 2016

[SENT 8-8-16]
                                                                                   The Zone 
Hello family!

Hope you had a great week. I shall endeavor to type fast to share some experiences from this past week. 

Events in my week

We had MLC! It was super good to be with Elder Jensen again. We received training on online   proselyting (ex. using Facebook, facebook messenger, skype, etc.). It's very exciting! We've already used skype a couple times in lessons.  

Skype Lesson
After MLC, I was able to see Connor Richardson! He told me he was in London, so I told him to come to the Hyde Park Chapel! It was so cool to see him again. He will be getting married in the London Temple on 4 Feb! How exciting is that?! He's been a member for over a year. 

Alec, Connor and Kalyleigh
I failed my driving test on friday.......... I was turning left, and as I was doing so I saw a red light that was intended for the cars opposite of where I was going. I stopped, but by doing so I automatically failed the test. Yay me. haha but it's alright. I'm still a missionary so that's fun.  

The Work

We found this girl named Roseanne. She's 18, plays Bass, and is a funny girl. She reminds me of Aubrey Headrick! She came with us to an 8 year old baptism on saturday, and to church for half of sacrament meeting. She really enjoyed how welcoming everyone was, and said she wanted to go for the whole thing next week. We will see her on Tuesday with a recent convert named Abi and then have dinner with Abi's family and Roseanne! It'll be super good. 


Last night we were walking back to our flat and an eastern european guy stops us (imagine it being dark and on a footpath AKA sidewalk). He tells us he has something for us. Out of his grocery bags he pulls out a small box of cigarrettes and offers it to us. (What a nice Christian gesture. After all, sharing is caring!) We tell him we don't smoke. And he puts the cigarrettes back. He has us take his phone number so we can call him if we need anything. He then shakes Elder Mthombini's hand and gives him a kiss on the head. In fear, I await my turn. He then shakes my hand and gives me a fat smooch on the top of my head. I was definitely not expecting this to happen to me yesterday. I hope you enjoyed this story, and I hope you never get kissed on the forehead by a stranger.

What I learned about myself

I will likely develop even more patience as a future father. My patience with kids was tried a couple times this past week. But I feel I did pretty well :D Kids are cute and fun so that makes it not so bad.

Love you guys! I will send some pictures and personal emails.

Elder Withers


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