Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The District
Hey Gusters,    

I'm trying to think of a non cliche way to begin this. I want to break the routine. "Routine is the enemy of time. it makes it fly by." I'll send the video I got that from. Elder Parkin showed it to me. It's amazing. It'll probably change your life :) Let me know what you think of it. 

I shall share my weeks stories:

Things That Took place in Tottenham

I said goodbye to Elder Parkin on Wednesday and was joined by Elder Mthombeni. I sent this description to mom but here it is for everyone! His first name is Senzo (super cool). His last name is pronounced m(small emphasis)-Tom-Benny. Elder Mthombeni. Last transfer with Elder Parkin is an absolute blur. It's very strange...I mesh super well with Elder Mthombeni.  Hes a funny guy with a great work ethic and sense of humor. He is the oldest of two siblings (17 year old sis Presentia and 15 year old bro Tumelo). His step dad is the branch president in Johannesburg and his mum joined the church when he was 3. He's super good at African dance. He worked at home as a customer service consultant at a bank. People only came to him for complaints (that was his job). So I guess you could say he's pretty patient. He liked lifting at home. He's 5'6 and he packs a (spiritual) punch. No worries, he hasn't hit me just yet. 

I really like transfers; whenever there's a change of companions or areas I feel it gives me more motivation to work hard. It's a fresh start! 

On Saturday there's a woman I spoke with on the bus named Mabel! She was super cool. She's from Ghana and she'll be here until October. We actually missed our stop on the bus by a long shot because I was finishing talking with her. We met with her yesterday and she accepted a baptismal date! I really do know the Lord is preparing His children to accept the Gospel. 
On the bus
Humorous Happenings Here in Heaven
On Thursday, we had dinner with Brother Malcolm. He fed us mucho food, but it was good. Rice, wings, salad, and watermelon. After the lesson, we sat in his living room. His cat decided to make himself at home on my lap. Thus the video that I sent.  

Funny quotes from Brother Malcolm (Jamaican) who fed us: "I think you guys are ready for your melon now" 

Talking about Thomas, the cat sitting on my lap, "He's a spoiled cat. He like that". Ahh  

One of the missionaries said I looked like Riley from the 3rd Twilight movie Eclipse. I don't know who that is or what he looks like. Hopefully it's a compliment.  

Lessons Lovingly Learned 
After a really powerful spiritual experience in Seven Sisters, we talked with a man of great faith and knowledge. It basically turned into a back and forth kinda argument. The spirit left and I just felt angry, annoyed, and frustrated. It's just silly to argue with someone; it brings hard feelings, drives away the spirit, and 100% of the time the person won't want to meet with us. Overall I'm pretty good at being charitable and non contentions, just for the record :D 

There was guy we went on a walk with last night. We talked a lot about reasoning and finding truth. As we spoke, I felt charity for him. I understand the part of the Doctrine and Covenants that says the teacher and learner will be edified and rejoice together. My understanding and appreciation of the gospel has grown so much on my mission. During our conversation, everything he said fit into what I know and feel to be true. It was such a positive conversation, even though he was too busy at the moment to pursue the Gospel. The first time I spoke with him (Saturday) I felt a bit of resistance/contention. But yesterday I felt love, I listened, understood what he was saying, and it was a really positive conversation. I'm actually now really interested in what Socrates taught about.  

Superb Spiritual Sensations
Here's the powerful experience I referred to! We were finding in seven sisters on Wednesday and I talked with a man in Spanish. As I spoke with him, I really felt the Spirit strongly testify of the truthfulness of what I was saying. Sadly this man rejected my invitation to meet with us because he works 7 days a week. It's sad that worldly priorities interfere with what matters most, but I'm grateful for the powerful experience that I had. I actually think that was the strongest I've felt the Spirit while talking with someone on the street! And it was in Spanish :)

On a bus yesterday I talked to a guy and missed our stop by a bit (notice a common theme?). While waiting for a bus, I asked a guy walking by "what's the best thing about your day". After this question ensued a seven  second pause; it was so long I found it humorous. To illustrate this moment, imagine me, my companion, a dark night, a bus stop on one side and a store on the other, with a short Italian man with his shirt partially unbuttoned, playing music from his phone. He answered my question, and we continued talking. Later in the conversation he told us he could feel our presence. This was a neat experience. I felt the spirit while talking with him. Sadly he lives in the London South mission. But hopefully we can get him to move to Walthamstow/Tottenham Hale region ;) 

I love you all! Have a fun filled week. 


Elder Withers
Benjamin Rhama, Alex and Elder Parkin
The Vargas Family



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